Can there be a divine strategy behind Spiritual Awakening?

I certainly believe there’s a reason for it. One look at the current state of the world is enough to start asking these deeper questions.

As a strategist I look at why we do things for the purpose of the result we wish to attain. Personally, I don’t think you can do anything effectively until you know what result you’re after.

As a humanist, I want to be sure that my aims are in line with the betterment of human society.

Social good. A better world. This is what I hope to attain with my embodiment, and what I strive towards.

This to me is a sign of a maturing adult. To be spiritually immature is to be chained to your emotional impulses and base desires. It is to be controlled by your animalistic wiring.

Taking creative control of your embodiment and moving beyond your immediate ego gratification, beyond the dopamine rushes of screwing, eating, shopping, and fighting is to live with purpose. Some harness this creative power for dominance and status within society. That is part of our social makeup.

But to strive towards something larger than yourself is also part of our human wiring.This is represented in the Tarot by the Star card. 

Most people choose starting a family to add meaning to their lives. It is no coincidence then that the ability to have children happens at the same time as biological maturation. It coincides with an inner clock to sacrifice our childish, animalistic needs for a greater good.

But for some of us, for whatever reason, we don’t want or can’t have kids. We may pour our energy into career, art, activism and other relationships instead. Yet sometimes even those aren’t meaningful enough in themselves, and especially after a Spiritual Awakening.

As we mature and find social stability, some of us might become depressed as we get a little bored. But this stability can give us the luxury to begin to step out of our comfort zones to seek something more. We begin to fantasize about transcending social dominance to ‘leave a legacy’, or ‘make our mark in the world’. We talk of our passions and projects as our ‘babies’. We are essentially looking for spiritual meaning.

Those without children may seek ways in which our jobs can be more meaningful for the betterment of society. Or our passions and art, or our relationships. Young people who are not ready for family may find that political activism fills a great spiritual void.

By not having our own microcosm of family, we are free to focus on the Human family. Not because we are saints. Because it gives us meaning and purpose.

In my opinion, the best way to improve the world is to improve yourself by expanding your consciousness.

To get your life in order first. Educate and inform yourself. Try to stop operating out of conditioned patterns of behaviour and develop impulse control. Work to learn to make choices consciously, and align yourself in thought, intent, word, being and action.

Improving yourself in this way can change the world in three ways:

  1. It improves your choices in relating to others, thus improving your relationships.

  2. It models these choices to others through your example and through your improved ability to nurture and love people.

  3. These behaviours then ripple out energetically, which works to affect change on a quantum level via “morphic resonance”, a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake that’s now popularly called the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome. 

Empowerment doesn’t mean spewing vitriol on others and claiming victimhood. It means to thoughtfully create your “parcel of reality”, to improve your relationships through restraint and conscious embodiment.

The more conscious you can be, the less programmed, and the more you live from the fulcrum of your individual self.

Stripped of programming, you can live from a place of courage and virtue, and not from a place of projection and pain.

Awakening gives us the chance to see our pain and suffering and to identify our programming. It provides a vantage point where we realize we are here to ‘heal the world’ one person at a time. By starting with ourselves.


With Love on your journey,

x Debra

Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning