Why You Should Vet a Channeled Source

There are thousands of articles and videos all over the internet that claim to be channeled from Higher Dimensional Beings. You may be familiar with some of the best and most widely known material: Kyron, Abraham Hicks, the Seth material, Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God, for example. There’s no doubt as to the value that these works offer humanity in our time of great Awakening. 

As a starseed who is activating more and more of your own telepathic and empathic abilities, you may also become curious about channeling for your own evolvement.

You might be wondering, though, how you can be sure that you are actually channeling high frequency data? How do you know if the source being channeled is reliable?

Part 2 of this article will help you with that discernment. But first it’s also helpful to know why you would want to vet a channeled source.

I’d like to begin by telling you a little about me.

I remember in the early years of my Awakening, how trusting I was. It took several ‘initiations’ for me to remember that Earth was a planet of duality: that there are different kinds of people and energies here. That was tough for me to accept. So tough, in fact, that I had some very hard lessons before I finally relented to the realization that not everyone in the world was as harmless as me.

Looking back, I sure was naive. But the truth is, from a very young age, I had always been kind and empathic, and my parents had sheltered me from the hard truths of life. It wasn’t until I went out into the world without them that I really began to see just how cruel the world *could* be.   

After many hard lessons learning about malevolence in people, I began to be initiated into dark energies. So began my live Shamanic initiations that lasted well over another decade.

During this time, life experience taught me about haunted places and objects, black magic, mind control, portals, demonic possession, and interfering nuisance energies during channeling.

I spent a lot of time in Spain and Germany during these years, learning to identify and transmute violent energies originated during the crusades and the Third Reich.

My early experiences learning to recognize, resist and exorcise dark energies forced me to develop courage and to stand strong in my power as a Lightworker. These initiations also forged the invaluable skills in discernment I had to master before I’d be given more responsibility as a multi-dimensional healer, channel and spiritual teacher.

The Dangers of Not Vetting a Channeled Source

Now, this isn’t a very popular shared view in the New Age, but I am going to say it anyhow because the astral realms certainly isn’t all faeries and unicorns. 

There are lots of things that can go wrong if you begin channeling prematurely. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try channeling, just that you should be aware before you begin. 

Now, I do realize that the Archon presence on the earth isn’t as strong as it was before 2018. The Dark energies that have perpetuated slavery, oppression, and rape consciousness on earth lost their main power supply when Earth as a planetary consciousness plugged into the 5D grid. 

The 3D grid of ‘service to others’ is no longer the predominant polarity on earth like before. This is due to the increasing numbers of devoted Lightworkers shining their heart frequency, in service-to-others. 

But we are not out of the woods yet and there’s lots of work to do to raise humanity onto the 5D grid.  Meanwhile, there still exist dark beings who would want to confuse and misdirect the Starseeds who are not firmly focused on Service-to-Others positive polarity. 

All of us have the innate ability to raise their frequency, but you should know, there are still those who don’t want you to.

This is because when you raise your frequency to permanently join the 5D consciousness grid, you unplug from the lower 3D grid, effectively removing yourself as a ‘battery’ or energy source for the lower astral entities who remain ‘earthbound’ here.  Yes, just like in the movie ‘The Matrix’.

Until you claim your Sovereign Divinity and live predominantly from the fulcrum of your integrity as a Lightworker, you are at risk at being targeted by lower astral beings who do not have the Light (crystalline DNA) within them to raise up to join the 5D grid.  

That’s why they don’t live off the Light as we do.

So if you have a moral wobble, if you are mostly negatively oriented and in victim consciousness, you are more at risk to negative interference when channeling.

The Magnetic Law of Attraction in our Universe makes it so. That which you resonate, you attract. So, when channeling, if you are in a low mood, are predominantly ego-centric or concerned about getting yourself out of victimhood, in most cases the entities attracted into your energetic field will be of lower resonance. They will be the ones easiest for you to “hear”.

This is why you should always vet a channled source.

Let’s now briefly cover what you can open yourself up to when channeling if you are not resonating at a high enough vibration.

What are some of the possible effects of negative interference by a false light source while channeling?


1. Being used as a mouthpiece for disinformation

2. Being deceived and manipulated to make poor decisions

3. Having your energy siphoned off, leaving you feeling drained and depressed, with the potential for health issues.

4. Increased negative drama in your life (nuisance energies create drama in your real life so they can ‘feed off’ your negative reactions to those dramas)

5. Increased reactivity/ not being able to control your behaviour (outbursts of anger, impulsive behaviour, desire to hurt or manipulate others, feelings of deep shame, self-destructive tendencies, sudden resurgence of old addictions).

6. Susceptibility to entities living in your field which can show up as negative self-talk or voices, paranoia, violent hallucinations, nightmares, and even night terrors.

7. Attracting a streak of bad luck if your unchecked frequency plunges

How to Avoid

Now, don’t be alarmed. There is an easy way to protect yourself against all of these possible effects. And no, it isn’t just “thinking positively” or pretending that these energies don’t exist. That doesn’t work. You need to repel negativity magnetically

It’s as easy as shifting your vibration to remain in your heart as much as possible.

1. Do shadow work. Transmute the darkness (trauma) within you. Face your inner demons squarely and refuse to embody them. This increases the light quotient you hold and thus your vibration.

2.Live with integrity (don’t manipulate, lie, cheat, bully or steal).

3. Focus on the good things in your life and try to maintain a frequency of appreciation (without repressing or spiritual by-passing). 

4. Act out of kindness, generosity and service to others (while maintaining healthy boundaries!)

This will keep you firmly anchored in the 5D energy grid and protected by the Light of the other light workers all connected to that grid, too.

But what to do if you think you might have nuisance energies already wreaking havoc in your field?

Unless you know what you are doing, I suggest consulting an expert.

Have an auric clearing by a shaman, spiritual healer or an energy medicine practitioner who is adept at removing or transmuting nuisance energies, hitchhikers, and riders from your aura.

You may also want to ritually cleanse your living space (multiple times).  

I hope Part 1 of this article has shed some light on why it’s important to vet a telepathic source when channeling. To read Part 2, How to Vet A Channeled Source, click here.

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