I asked Prime Creator to help me write an article on the Higher Self for all you Spiritual Awakeners who are just starting out on. This was the response I got, unedited.

The Higher Self is the collection of all one’s personality traits, wisdom, abilities, and knowledge from thousands of lifetimes, carried over from hundreds of places and environments where souls go to evolve and grow.

The HS is an ever expanding collection of consciousness. S/he is aware of all of your experiences, whether your small ‘Incarnate Self’ is awake or not.  This means that you are not your Incarnate Self, but the Incarnate Self is a fraction of your entire consciousness. 

For the purpose of simplification, let us assume you know and trust that in fact the Incarnate Self is always connected to the Higher Self (via an energy cord running parallel to the spine, with its own nervous system). This connection to the Higher Self becomes stronger through practice and intent, as this scribe is aware.

In order to benefit from the aggregate knowledge of the Higher Self, one should want to learn. 

It is necessary to drop certain behavioural blocks to learning such as arrogance and rigidity.  Only then can the first threads of connection to the Higher Self be established. 

When first discovering how relatively easy it is to connect to the HS, one then takes steps to clarify the connection over time. 

This is done through purification activities of the mind, body and sprit.

The Higher Self is a wonderful ally in a troubled or chaotic environment such as Earth. Especially since the Higher Self exists beyond linear time. S/he can see around corners and through murky situations from its vantage point of the Eternal Now.

It is highly encouraged to learn to establish a line of communication with this Oversoul Identity (the Higher Self) as early as possible in your spiritual practice.

Firstly, find ways to quiet the mind and especially the emotions.  It’s almost impossible to hear the wisdom of the Higher Self with an overactive, anxious mind.  Find a reliable means of relaxing the body and mind, for instance through hypnotic induction.

When practised regularly, hypnosis trains the subconscious to allow a new kind of communication to take place.  From here it isn’t difficult then to listen to the quiet inner voice of the Higher Self.

Proper diet, adequate rest and clean water ensure your nervous system is equipped to send and receive signals to your Oversoul/ Higher Self for communication. 

Journal writing, art, playing with children and animals, and being in nature are all ways to open communication channels to the HS. 

Think of them as radio stations you can tune into to train a new and very subtle kind of communication.  Spirit loves to express itself via the heart, joy, creativity, and service to others especially. 

Engaging in these activities ensures you are signalling to Spirit and the Higher Self that you wish to dialogue. 

Doing this with conscious intent, you may even experiment.  At the start of your creative, service-oriented or family related activity, set the intention to dialog with the Higher Self and learn its ‘language’.  The following phrases are meant to guide you.

“Higher Self, please help me with (xyz/ problem)”.

“Higher Self, please help me find a solution to (xyz/ problem).”

“Higher Self, please reveal healing wisdom to me about (xyz/ problem).”

The Higher Self always fulfills your request if you ask it sincerely for the purposes of wishing to use the wisdom or knowledge for GOOD.

But one must also be patient while learning this new skill and it may take some time before you are able to fully hear the messages or understand them. You are learning a new language after all, and one that is not rational or linear in its delivery despite the comprehensive and fully-aligned solutions you can expect to receive. 

Want to learn more about connecting to your Higher Self or what your Higher Self wants to tell you?  Book a Soul Discovery session with me. You’ll receive explicit instructions on how to connect to your Higher Self based on your unique energy and makeup, plus any other juicy details to help you on your Spiritual Awakening journey.

with much Love on your journey

x Debra & Prime Creator

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