Kundalini Spiritual Awakening

Are Kundalini symptoms a part of your Google search history?

Do you find yourself swinging from extreme fear to feelings of bliss and At-One-Ness?

Are you experiencing insomnia, visions, racing thoughts and loss of appetite?

Is it like you’re hiding a secret spiritual identity from friends and family?


If so, you could be having a Spiritual Awakening


Awakening can occur slowly over time or spontaneously through many vehicles such as spiritual practice, meeting an enlightened teacher, via plant medicine like ayahuasca, cannabis or magic mushrooms, as a result of Near Death Experiences, and even after a period of trauma or extreme suffering when we are suddenly touched by Grace.


Awakenings are also known to occur via transformational light codes from the sun and planetary grids.


Especially receptive to these codes are Starseeds or Light Workers, who then become activated to their earthly missions.


Your Awakening is a gift to be cherished although it may not seem that way at first.


Anxiety or mental confusion, spontaneous releases of emotional energy, digestive issues, insomnia, skin rashes, night sweats, increased sensitivity and restlessness can all be a part of Spiritual Awakening.


There are many ways that Transformational Energies can affect us and we might not be able to find the help we need to feel better unless we are talking to the right people.


Spiritual Awakenings aren’t well understood by the medical establishment because they haven’t been studied much.


Even in yoga circles, where there’s a dedicated study of how to raise the Kundalini safely, many teachers are unequipped to help when Awakening signs arise.


Yet more and more people, and especially youth, are experiencing Spiritual Awakenings due to increased magnetic activity in our sun. Transformational energy travels to us via plasma on magnetic waves from the sun. These light codes activate Kundalini energy, a powerful purging force which can prepare us for crystalline DNA activation.  


(In fact, many Light Workers follow the Schumann Resonance to be aware of key Ascension Portals/ DNA activation periods when there’s increased solar activity. During these times a lot of healing can take place as past wounds come to the fore to be released or re-experienced.)


We are in a time of Awakening on the planet as human beings embark on a new path towards personal agency and social responsibility for our future. There has never been more need for Spiritual Awakenings than now.


As an experienced and conscientious Awakened person, I now find myself in a position to assist others in their Ascension process. More than 20 years ago, my journey began to understand what happened to me as I emerged from an unhealthy state of chronic suicidal depression and anxiety, of self-destructive darkness, to a more joyful and focused expression of myself during a solar eclipse.


I went from nihilist and atheist to suddenly, viscerally knowing I was transcendent consciousness having a temporary human experience.


Within moments, my life as I knew it changed forever.


Eventually my Awakening led me to begin a spiritual process of Self-Mastery, as curious as I was about improving my experience as Consciously Embodied Being.


I wanted to learn how I fit into the world. Why was I here? What did I come here to achieve?


After Awakening I was suddenly very aware of how dysfunctional the world was. How could I make the world a better place? How could I express more of my true self and mitigate my less helpful personality aspects? How to stay in this joyful, expanded state when there was so much pain to heal in the world?


By surrendering to Spirit to gain answers to these questions, I am now honoured to be in a position to offer spiritual guidance and mentorship to others. I have spent 20 years in disciplined study, psychological purification and spiritual refinement since my Awakening. You can read more about my story here. 


I encourage you to explore my services, from a Spiritual Awakening First-Aid Package to address spiritual crisis and unpleasant side effects, to Spiritual Readings that answer all of your questions about your spiritual process, to Intuitive Healings that focus on clearing trauma to make room for higher light frequencies.


I’m also here to offer you strategies for your spiritual growth based on your unique energy, moving beyond the acute Awakening phase towards more consistent Conscious Embodiment and crystalline DNA activation.  In other words, staying awake after our Awakening and not falling back into unconscious patterns of thought and behaviour.


In our lifetime, never before have there been so many Awakened teachers and so much light available to support Conscious Embodiment and the Spiritual Renaissance.


I feel very blessed to be of this movement.


I look forward to working with you to integrate your Awakening experiences and prepare you for the rewarding path of Spiritual Self-Mastery, should you choose it.

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  1. You said that you awoke “viscerally knowing I was transcendent consciousness having a temporary human experience”. How did you “KNOW”? Why is it that everyone on earth does not “KNOW”? What is the point of coming to this planet to have a human experience, when it is all mostly filled with pain and misery?

    1. Hi Rita. This is a complex question and I have a complex answer for you but no time to write an essay for your comment. Sounds like you are slowly Awakening to the reality that our world is full of suffering and it shouldn’t be that way. This is true.

      Humans are severely programmed so that they don’t wake up. There is a lot of interference on this planet and that’s why we “don’t know”, as you say. We are living in a fallen system, where intruder races have been in control of our planet for millions of years. We have been re-incarnating here over and over because we have been trapped in a “soul harvest false karma reincarnation cycle”.

      That all ended finally in 2011. Now for the next 900 years the Earth will transform into an ascension planet. That doesn’t mean things will change overnight. But it does mean that when you drop your body you won’t have to come back here again! This is your last ride if you align with the higher timeline via Spiritual development. You’ll be able to exit the matrix for good.

      Meanwhile, continue on your Spiritual Awakening journey to learn how you can alleviate the suffering you are experiencing day to day. Work on yourself first. Like the oxygen mask on an airplane- you can’t help anyone until you first help yourself. You are the HERO of your own myth. It’s up to you how to embark on the journey- as a hero making steps forward each day despite your suffering, or as a helpless victim of suffering.

      As a Sovereign Soul you have the ability to help co-create your individual reality with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Red pill or blue pill? Join my Spiritual Awakening for Empaths group coaching if you want to know more.