Shadow work is a broad term that describes working to integrate your shadow personalities into your being, and the process is akin to Soul Retrieval.

Your unconscious Shadow Selves encompass: false personalities or projections, motivations and parts of yourself that you reject or aren’t aware of, that are borne of baggage you carried over from past lives and your ancestral cycles of trauma and abuse, plus whatever trauma you’ve experienced in this life, either in childhood or adulthood.

Shadow work is a shamanic term.

Using an imagery-rich word like ‘shadow’ highlights the unique symbolic language of shamanic healers in their practice.

Shadow work is akin to Soul Retrieval in that it’s an alchemical process of transmuting darkness into light in esoteric ways.

It is about bringing parts of yourself that you normally reject into your full awareness and finding ways to honour them in your daily life.

While a psychologist or psychotherapist will work with you through conscious analysis to address trauma and process it, a Shaman, Medicine Woman or Mystic may use imagery, ritual, symbols, music, and especially energy in their healings. They are carriers and messengers of healing wisdom who learn how to alchemize darkness via their sacred connections to the mystical forces of the earth and spirit worlds.

Many therapists, however, do incorporate hypnosis and into their practice due to its efficacy at addressing wounds that hide in the unconscious. Jungian psychoanalysts use the language of dreams to dialogue with the Shadow personalities.

Shamans and mystics are adepts at navigating these unseen levels of mind. They venture beyond, projecting themselves energetically into the astral, etheric and quantum holographic fields.

Shadow work is more encompassing and more effective than psychotherapy alone because it works at these unseen levels.

Healers who can tap into the quantum field of pure potential are especially valued for their ability to affect lasting change. Through their ability to manipulate energy and transcend linear time, Shamans and mystics can heal at the same level that the trauma was originally created at.

These are the laws of quantum mechanics.

There is a secret to accessing this level of healing and that secret is what makes shamanic work sacred and esoteric, although shamans actually are working with the laws of quantum physics.  This healing secret is unlocked by healers with pure intentions and unscrupulous honesty. That is the security system in place that ‘guards’ this powerful healing ability.

In this way you can assure you choose the right energy healer for you. If your healer truly has pure intentions and operates from unflinching integrity, and s/he is experienced with both light and dark energies, you’ve hit the jackpot and can proceed with confidence to integrate your shadow work safely with them.

For more on how to integrate your shadow self personalities, stay tuned for my essay Why You Should Bring Your Monster Out of the Closet.


Do you know your Shadow Selves? How do they show up?

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