What is a Starseed?

Are you a starseed? If you’re reading this article, you most likely are!  On a deeper level, you already know you came here to do something big, something special. That’s the first clue.

Everyone on earth originates from the stars, or from another star system; it’s just that they have forgotten. Although we incarnate onto the Earth in physical form, our true form beyond physical embodiment as a human is that of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is not of the earth- it is a hologram of SOURCE energy.  This is why we are all from the stars.

And yet activated Starseeds are the Starseeds who remember this. They KNOW, at a visceral level, that they are consciousness in human form. They know they have come here from afar to do great work. Some star seeds even remember which star system they come from and what their specific missions are.

Are you one of these Starseeds? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Presently there are 4 kinds of Starseeds: Indigo, Crystal, Blue Ray and Rainbow. There are also hybrids- the most common being the Indigo/ Crystal Starseed.  The type of Starseed you are is different than which star system you come from.

The kind of starseed you are refers to the Light Frequency codes that you hold in your holographic/ etheric DNA.

Which star system you come from is not as important as the kind of codes you carry in your DNA. You may never remember which star system you come from in this lifetime and that’s perfectly fine but most star seeds taking part in Earth’s Ascension to Gaia come from: Pleiades, Lyra, and Sirius. There are also some star seeds visiting from Arcturus and Andromeda, although this is rarer.

It is more important to know which technology or knowledge you bring to earth from your home planet than to know which Star system you come from or to be able to communicate with your star family. This is because as a star seed, you are already VERY EXPERIENCED in what you do. 

You aren’t here to long for escaping the planet to ‘go back home’. You aren’t here to spend days channeling information from your home planet or visiting their ships. You are meant to be ‘boots on the ground’.  You are a soldier of the light. You are here for your energy, light codes and DNA. Your ENERGY is what’s needed on earth!

You have done this same mission before on other planets. Although you came here at great risk of never remembering your Starseed mission, you again embarked in service, this time to Humanity on earth, knowing that you have done this many times before and succeeded.

First you awakened yourself. You remembered your divine nature. You did this by downloading galactic codes from the sun or planetary grids that activated within your starseed DNA the memory of who you really are. 

There are other star seeds who have never forgotten as they incarnated with the FULL KNOWING of who they really are. You’ll know these powerful starseeds as some of our new spiritual leaders who were born clairvoyant and who have been in contact with their guides and ascended masters from a very young age…

Are you a starseed who never forgot or who awakened yourself? I’d love to hear in the comments 🙂

After awakening yourself, as you have done many times on other ascending planets, your next part of the mission is to help others awaken to their sovereign, divine nature. You do this first through example, by embodying your Higher Self. 

You shine your own power and sovereignty to those in your unique social network and share Light Frequency Codes. You model this freedom of being as you begin to transmute the darkness carried over from past lives, your ancestry and the collective DNA. 

As you transmute more darkness, you begin to merge with your Higher Self, your Divine Self.

When you ‘do the work’, you lighten your frequency and activate your 5th strand of DNA and your Light body to match the frequency of the 5th dimension. You merge with your Higher Self or your 5th Dimensional Self.  This is Ascension and it is the core of your mission as a lightwkrker on this planet. It is the GREAT WORK you came here to do.

By focusing on your own ascension, you help the rest of humanity to lift THEIR frequency and embody their Higher Selves. This will be the beginning of the Golden Age, or the New 5D Earth, when humans again remember their divine sovereign nature and begin to live as such.

The more awakened, ascended star seeds we are on the planet, the faster we will move into this Golden Age and help save our planet from the darkness, destruction and control that has been plaguing her for eons.

Personal and planetary ascension is the core of YOUR starseed mission, It is why you came here. Also referred to as the Indigo Revolution, this is the lifetime for you to step up and stop playing small. 

How are you helping to usher in a new 5D earth? What are you focused on? How are you living your starseed mission? Write me in the comments!

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