Transmuting the Dark Matrix: The Next Step for Starseeds Ready to Merge with Zero Point

Levelling up: The alchemical power of Starseeds who merge with the zero point field of consciousness, aka the womb of no-thing, aka the Sophia/ Kryst, officially makes you dangerous. 

What does it mean to merge with the zero point field?

I realize that not all of you have yet to fully integrate what has been referred to as ‘multi-dimensional thinking’. Maybe you’re working on it. I’m here to urge you on this next crucial step in your Awakening because it is vital for expanding your consciousness into futher Crystalline DNA and Light Body Activation, which is how we ascend out of the ‘Dark Matrix’. 

The merge with zero point is an Upgrade/ Initiation that many advanced Starseeds are currently undergoing. This article is for you.

When you merge with the zero point field, the ONENESS of All That Is (aka the Sophia/ Kryst), you are truly stepping into your power the CLAIM your power as a Soverign Divine Being in EQUAL VALUE to the Source of All That Is.  You recognize in the Zero point field that YOU are, paradoxically:

These 2 ideas, that you can be pure source, uncorrupted, innocent and AT ONE WITH source in your holographic molecular structure, and yet hold your individuality as expressed thorugh your unique DNA coding sequence, that you are the ORIGINAL Stuff of Source and also its reflection, is a paradox.

Once you really, viscerally experience this merging with the zero point field,  you have upgraded into an even higher level of 5D consciousness, where you can now do some serious damage as a Lightworker. 

You officially become ‘dangerous’ 🙂

Zero point and Infinity Consciousness

After you’ve fully merged with the zero point field, you can accesse this level of being at any time. No longer is it a fleeting moment in your most ecstatic meditations. It becomes a throbbing, blissful, secret sanctuary, where you can journey further into your Sacred Heart.

The zero point upgrade has to do with transmuting limiting beliefs about any kind of corruption of Source energy, of your worthiness as a Divine Being and as Master of your Matrix.

It is about merging through innocence and purity. It is about recognizing your pure, incorruptible holographic nature at the vibration of BLISS.


In other words, WHOLENESS.  It’s a beautiful upgrade meant to catapult all Starseeds into CLAIMING their birthright as Sovereign Divine Beings. 

As we expand in consciousness, an ability to hold several seemingly contradictory thoughts at once is what it means to truly have a multidimensional perspective of reality.

In fact, I would say it’s necessary to shift to this ‘inclusive paradigm’ in order for us to join Galactic Consciousness.   

It is apparent to me that it’s become no longer useful to resonate with a paradigm of separation. Of “Us vs. Them”. This is not the energy or consciousness that underlies highly evolved spiritual societies. 

To perpetuate an “Us vs. Them” mentality of the Dark Matrix, good vs. evil, negative and positive, while useful in some contexts, is also counterproductive. See if you can hold all of these ideas simultaneously:  

  • There is a dark (inverted) matrix that wishes to enslave humanity and has for eons.

  • This dark matrix serves its purpose for the Awakening masses

  • This dark matrix is no longer useful.

  • This dark matrix can be re-integrated at a molecular level, and transcended as a viable structure in your personal and planetary matrices.

Alchemizing Duality Through the Zero Point

The concept of darkness as a catalyst for growth is an ancient, effective philosophy, taught in mystery schools for the purpose of teaching sovereignty and human evolution. This duality paradigm is/ has been very useful in teaching creator beings about taking responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, words and actions. 

Along the same lines, Shadow Work is an effective pathway to distill deep wisdom through suffering and the correct integration of your personal ascension matrices, across many lifetimes (vs say, spiritual bypassing, which does not integrate the shadow aspects).

Now, however, as many of you move closer to ONENESS by merging with the zero point field, you are being initiated into moving beyond this program.

This is not spiritual bypassing for you have already done the work.  That is, you cannot even merge with the Zero point field until you have transmuted enough darkness in yourself to resonate with the portal/ entry point. You have alchemized your very molecular state and that is how you ‘enter’ the Stargate. It is an upgrade along the spiral of your ascension matrix.

For some starseeds, moving beyond this dualistic paradigm will mean the laying down of our swords. Not of our swords of truth and justice (never!), but by up-leveling to express divine justice through the vibration of Sophia/ Kryst (Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Christ Lightlove)

Zero point is Buddha Mind

To merge with the zero point is to merge with Buddha mind, where we may truly transcend our attachment to suffering through the return to innocence of the Heart and purity of no-mind.

Ask anyone who has healed from systemic torture and rape: the only way back to wholeness is through the GRACE of the Divine Feminine. Clearing the shame and terror left from these atrocities does not happen by repression, dissassociation, analysis or forgetfulness- it happens at a level of FREQUENCY.  (For more on this topic, see my article “Self Compassion and Spiritual Healing”) 

Once you get to this level in your SOVEREIGNTY, you no longer feel victimized or threatened by darkness. You KNOW that it cannot stain your innocent, divine nature. It is only from this place that you can become the Buddha or Christ and rise above the insanity of evil or darkness. 

Many of you have been flirting with this level of mind for some years. But to unify, to merge with the zero point is the next step. You’ll know you’ve reached this level for there will be no worry about losing your power to anyone or anything anymore.

You will feel invincible. You cannot be divided for there’s nothing to ‘lose’. 

At this level you are not condoning suffering or evil acts- never! But nor do you continue to FIGHT AGAINST it. There’s a release from it. You do not ascribe any more usefulness to it, instead seeing it for its insanity.

Humans who are Awakening are still very much seeing the negative chaos on earth because they have yet to integrate their learning from it. However, there’s also an underlying collective belief that suffering is still a viable catalyst for spiritual growth. Paradoxically, this collective belief supports an energetic structure for suffering to continue. 

We Are Our Own Saviour

But we, the Starseeds who are already connected through the 5D grid, we are the ones who set the energetic timeline for our planet. This is due to our sheer connective power to Source. We may be fewer in number, but we are more powerful in essence!  This is why we are dangerous 🙂

We can eradicate the ‘Dark Matrix’ of suffering, oppression and control as a 5D collective through alchemical transmuation! 

We are the ones sent to ‘save’ ourselves. We are the “Kryst” energies flooding the planet. 

Until we can stop putting energy and power into the fight, until we transmute darkness through LOVE, viscerally, as quantum alchemists, humans will continue to fight as they live out the paradigm of “Us. vs. Them”.

To create our Heaven on Earth, it is the Starseeds who must return to a wholistic Divine Innocence of our being and hold the new paradigm.

A Virus in the Matrix

Yes, the Luciferian program has had its usefulness, but many of us are now questioning its usefulness in our individual matrices.  For me, I see it as a kind of ‘virus in the matrix’. 

One of my mantras for over a decade has been “I don’t need to learn anything from that (negative) experience”. This is one of the ways I’ve refused to attract negative situations.

Since the January 2020 eclipse, I am practising the complete rejection of the usefulness of any negativity in my personal hologram. I simply do not want to have any “Mr. Smiths” lurking anywhere. Recognizing my pure, incorruptible, sovereign power as the Master of my Matrix, I feel that I can resonate/ create this.

At a personal level, I am transcending the need to suffer for the purpose of learning or for striving for excellence. I now see it as a painfully cumbersome paradigm when compared to merging with my Higher Self, who can instantly download from the field and ‘do the heavy lifting’ much better. 



For those of us who have integrated enough darkness, we are now wise enough that we needn’t learn anymore through the old paradigm.  And as we activate more of our light bodies, we find that we simply DOWNLOAD all the knowledge and wisdom we wish from the zero point field. 

On a planetary level, the free will to do evil has become so corrupted and perverted, there is so much suffering, the call to Ascend has been heard. It’s why we, the Starseeds are here, and why there has been so much support for our planet to Ascend.

We must learn to transmute the NEED for darkness in our own personal and planetary matrices.  As we create within, we also radiate outwards.

Ask yourself, how is this ancient dualistic paradigm of separation useful in your life, and on the planet, now?  How does it keep you from merging with the Zero point of your divinity?

Ascending out of the Martrix 

One way we can do this is to stop telling the stories of Us vs. Them. To stop talking of the galactic or angel wars, of the illuminati and Cabal power structures, to step out of the eye of the storm, to disengage from panic, anxiety and catastrophic thinking. 

There are soul groups who have volunteered to get their hands dirty to overthrow these structures. In fact, I’d go as far to say that humanity as a whole has been complicit in creating a lot of the dramas we are now experiencing on earth to awaken itself. 

We are all responsible for what is happening on earth because we have yet to reclaim our Sovereign Power from the Black Hats. We have let things get this far through our ignorance and our cowardice. 

What we are witnessing as a result is the 4D shadow of the masses’ awakening. We can stand behind them in TRUTH, knowing that their way is valid. Simultaneously we can build a new energetic pathway or timeline for earth, without the need for this paradigm in humanity’s future!

I’m not saying that we should rest on our laurels and do nothing about the state of the world. I’m saying we should step up a notch in our Lightwork. 

We must HOLD THE SPACE for the rest of humanity as they work through the 4D shadow.  This is not the time to succumb to panic or *lose your shit*, adding to the confusion and chaos. 

It’s time to act like the Spiritual Masters that we are. By standing in our Zen, radiating light and Buddha mind, by sitting in the profound love of the Divine Feminine. And by alchemizing the Dark Matrix at a molecular level.

We can get our hands dirty by stepping fully into our healer, teacher and leadership roles. We can stop playing small and use our gifts to guide and facilitate healing for the next wave of activated Starseeds. 


Ascension will come but the 4D Shadow cannot be skipped over. The masses still need to go through their initiations into the Heart. Multidimensional thinking allows us to know that truth and simultaneously hold another truth- that we can do our part by being the PEACE we wish to see in the world.

We are the way showers after all.

The way to energetically dismantle the inverted matrix must be followed through at the molecular (quantum) level through energy. We hold the LIGHT and not get fussed and twisted and drawn into the chaos that we are only going to see more of as Humanity awakens.

So, I’m calling on you, Starseeds, to celebrate this integration in ourselves. We have healed enough.

We can surpass the need for this program in OUR individual holograms and matrices and leave it to dismanatle. I wish you all well in integrating your upgrades to merge with the zero point field.

x with Love on your (epic) Journey

merge with zero point

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