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What is the truth about Ascension, really? 


There’s as many interpretations about Ascension as there are Light Languages. Channelled messages and healers focus on messages purported to help you ‘ascend’. But what is Ascension, really? Is there any truth to it? And how do you know if you’ll ascend?


I’ve written this piece on the Ascension dynamic as I understand it, now 20 years in. 


You see, when I first Awakened, Ascension was a hot topic in esoteric circles, too. First it was Y2K when many channeled messages promised a mass shift of awakening on the planet.


Disclosure of alien races and the US government’s clandestine dealings with them was also highly anticipated in 2000.


Yet nothing came to pass.  


Then in 2012 with the end of the Mayan calendar, again there were messages and movements devoted to Ascension and Disclosure.

Steve Beckow’s blog “Golden Age of Gaia” and David Wilcock’s “Divine Cosmos” were hugely popular leading up to 2012.

David Icke was the first to warn about Project Bluebeam, and conspiracies about the false prophet Maitreya also surfaced around 2010. 

Gearing up to Dec 12, 2012, some people stopped paying their bills or tending to their mundane lives. They gave up their jobs to meditate full-time to prepare for the “rapture” and to activate their Light Body Merkabas. 


When 12/12/12 came and passed without incident, we waited for the solstice. But by December 26, 2012, still nothing had happened.


No one ascended and returned to tell us about it. There had been no rapture or separation of worlds. The radiation “EVENT” of an all-encompassing bliss and enlightenment was naught. No ETs landed. 


It was a turning point for many, including myself. This time we were told, again in channeled messages, that humanity had not achieved critical mass. Meaning, not enough humans had reached a high enough light quotient for mass ascension to occur. But maybe in 2017 or 2018. We were told once more to wait. 


It was at this point that many New Agers became disillusioned. Some of us lost our faith in spirituality and in the Higher Realms altogether.


I, for one, felt that I had been jerked around. Who was sending these channeled messages? Was it just another ploy to placate the Awakened ones and quash our sense of personal agency? A trick to shift our focus away from the intense inner work?


I blogged about this, asking New Agers to consider that no-one or no thing was coming to save us. And if we were honest with ourselves, waiting passively for an external saviour was a very effective way to keep us from taking the necessary steps towards an enlightened society.


Had the New Age fallen into the same trap as the religions we eschewed?


I turned my back on all channeled messages and vowed to be even more discerning in my telepathic communications, effectively shutting off all contact with anything other than my Higher Self.


Although I had been working diligently on my Light Body since 2011, I now disengaged completely from all energy work. Instead I engaged a Jungian analyst to help with my inner processes and turned to my mundane life and career. 


I gave no more thought to Ascension.


Not until 2017. That’s when I started noticing that people were waking up, en masse. 


Something had happened. A shift was occurring…from the inside out.


This was it, I realized. This is Ascension. 


My experience has shown me that Ascension is neither an event or a location. Ascension is a personal and planetary movement upwards. 


It is a process of spiritual evolution. One that begins with moments of spiritual Awakening. From there one can decide whether to pursue a path of the spiritual initiate or not. 


It requires great faith and commitment to walk the roads that lead to enlightenment. For certainly not one singular moment of Awakening can be called attaining enlightenment.


To claim so is to spit in the face of any holy person who has dedicated their life to walking this excruciatingly isolating and arduous path. A path of initiations, moral tests, full of dragons to be slain. A path mythologized about in ancient texts and celebrated in rituals as old as dirt. 


In Awakening, you are aware of your Transcendent Being but for a moment. But to be enlightened is to consciously EMBODY your Highest Self, daily, in all essence, thought, word and deed. 


This is what I have come to understand as Ascension. It is the eventual “braiding-in” of your Divine Self into the physical self.


This is the ‘new covenant’. A union of physical and divine.  It’s what was meant by the biblical reference to the Holy Spirit descending into the body.


At the same time, it is an accretion of light into the physical body.


It is to permanently shift into a higher frequency vibration; not just moments of it. The fruits of which cannot be overlooked or attributed to chance- consistently manifested higher frequency experiences, ascended health and relationships. 


A permanent shift in frequency is the anchoring of the Light of Divine consciousness into your being at a cellular level. 


This requires great sacrifice, singular focus, and a dedication to physical and psychological purity in order to house this exalted energy. 


Once humans are ascended in that they are embodying their Divine Selves, then we will truly be living in an enlightened society.


There will be no more falsehoods and manipulations for everything will be transparent to the telepathic mind of the Ascended.


Nor will there be suffering at the expense of others for suffering will be intolerable to the empathic hearts of the Ascended.


Lastly, we will witness concrete solutions and lasting change because of the dedication in the Spirits of the Ascended to anchor Divine Love through service. 


Ascension begins with each one of us. Working on ourselves from the inside out.


It’s not virtue signalling. It’s not about ganging up on other people. It has nothing to do with the external validation of morality.


This is where I believe we have strayed from the path at the moment with the ‘woke’ movement.


I invite you to contemplate how you are walking the talk. How are you expressing your divine values in essence (feeling), thought, word and deed?


For the Higher Self cannot live in a compromised vessel. The Higher Self cannot tolerate hypocrisy. One must be aligned in virtue, throughout, for the Higher Self, the Divine Self, to live in the body.


It is why when we dream, we often dream of that which is not in alignment to our truth. Our dreams expose our contradictions, the lies we tell ourselves, and where there is work yet to be done. Where we must shine more light.


Ascension then, in my view, will never be the Rapture. It is not Disclosure of ET races. It is not mass Awakening and instant enlightenment. Ascension is a process of Awakening and integrating one’s Divine Self into physicality.


Simply put, it is soul evolution. 


The end of a great cycle- from Spirit to Physicality- back to Spirit again, is what we are witnessing now. Ascension is our way back to the Creator. 


x With Love on your journey


Debra Casagrande, Intuitive Guide, Channel & Healer


Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning


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  1. Thank you Debra for your clarity. What you have shared resonates for me. The embodiment of one’s higher self, no more lies and no more suffering, nor more incongruence. Blessings to you.

  2. Interesting.
    I have been a truth seeker for years am well aware of everything you have mentioned and also see the futility of a lot of information as most is a distraction. I am seeking to live life outside this program. I like the idea that Ascension is a process of Awakening and integrating one’s Divine Self into physicality.