Meet YourSpiritual Awakening Guide

Hi, I’m Debra, here to guide you through your Spiritual Awakening.

Like most of my visitors, you’ve probably experienced a Spiritual Awakening in some form or other and you’re looking for some support. Whether you need help making sense of your Near Death Experience,  Starseed Activation or Kundalini Awakening, or are looking to make sure you Ascend in this lifetime,  I can help.

And not just because I am a fully open intuitive channel and healer.

Being able to have a direct conversation with your Higher Self? That’s just a bonus. 

But because I went through my Indigo Starseed Spiritual Awakening more than 20 years ago. And let me tell you, it was NO picnic.

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My Story

My acute Starseed Activation Spiritual Awakening phase lasted 9 weeks with intense emotional and energetic side effects. After the Kundalini energy died down and I stabilized, I didn’t go back to work for 6 months.

My spontaneous Spiritual Awakening was overwhelming and frightening because I wasn’t prepared. I had no idea what was happening to me while I underwent radical personality changes and a huge paradigm shift.

Everything in my life changed- my health, my relationships, my priorities and goals. I’d never relate to the world in the same way again.

Does that sound familiar?

Despite the upheaval, I was also very lucky. Since I was only in my twenties at the time and had no family to support, I had the chance to really dive deep into my healing. There was nothing stopping me so that’s what I did.

With excruciating Virgo dedication, I embarked on my spiritual journey.

Ok, so maybe I got a little obsessed with it.

But, retrospectively I know that it was my journey to do so. With some distance, I can now see how my Spiritual Awakening fits into the grander story of my life. 

My  Awakening was a gift to align me with my soul purpose. It opened up a whole new world of meaning to my life.


But do you know what the worst thing about Spiritual Awakening was?

After the joy and bliss faded, I was left hyperaware…of how broken I was.

There were so many emotional wounds- attachments, trauma, unconscious patterns, conditioned beliefs. 

I thought, “No one else can fix this but me”. 

Back then, I felt really alone. None of my family or friends could point me in the right direction. Even the medical establishment turned me away when I refused their pretty pink pills.

I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Can you believe there was no Google or Youtube back in those days?




“I left feeling I had all the answers inside me to move forward.”  ~ Ken, Calgary.

In 1999 Kundalini Syndrome was not a well-known term. Hell, I didn’t even know what to call what had happened to me. 

I was an atheist, not an aspiring mystic before my Spiritual Awakening.

I had never heard the word “Indigo” before.

So I spent another 2 years stumbling around, trying to integrate my newfound soul awareness.

All I had for help was a tattered copy of a book on Transcendental Meditation and a cassette tape my friend’s mom made me on hypnotic relaxation. That’s it. 

The turnaround came for me when, after these 2 years of disciplined daily meditation, I had established a direct line to my own all-knowing Higher Self. (The HS is a higher aspect of your consciousness that “resides” in Density 6. It is aware of all of your experiences and past lives below D6, whether you are awake or not. Click here for more on the Higher Self)

And as I learned to test and trust the information I was receiving from my HS, I watched in amazement as my career, relationships and health all flourished.

What followed was highly rewarding (and ongoing) journey of discovery, healing, and, eventually, Mastery of the Self.

, Oh, and something else happened, too. Can you guess what it is?

I unlocked a slew of intuitive gifts. And I’m still unlocking them.

Seriously, I wasn’t born psychic. 

Yet in the 20 years since my Spiritual Awakening, I’ve developed intuitive abilities I never thought possible.

Skills I now use to help people like yourself with their spiritual growth.

Like the abilities to

  • heal through my energy field and ‘activate’ others
  • remote view and travel interdimensionally to receive healing transmissions and perform clearings
  • talk directly to your Higher Self and your other Aspects (also known as ‘Guides’)
  • download information from God Source through my Higher Self
  • communicate telepathically with Nature Spirits and Spirit Animals
  • act as a medium for unborn angelic humans and their future parents
  • connect with powerful Kryst/ Christ beings for blessings, healings and activations.

You can read more about my abilities here on my FAQ page.

But none of these abilities just switched on without me first “preparing the soil”. In addition to clearing the way for DNA activation through intense cellular release, I was also initiated into some pretty big spiritual lessons. 

In my quest for Spiritual Self Mastery, I’ve explored myriad self-help modalities that I now draw upon in my consultations with clients. From crystals and sound healing to EFT, holistic nutrition to hypnosis, Keylontic Science, Eden Energy medicine to Shamanic Dreamwork and Jungian psychoanalysis, I vetted all sorts of tools before they went into my spiritual toolbox.  

I’ve read hundreds of books and spent thousands of dollars to learn what works for spiritual healing and what doesn’t .  

Just so YOU don’t have to. 

Now combine this practical knowledge with an ability to tune into your current energy signature with uncanny accuracy. What you get is an incredibly powerful Intuitive Energy Reading that WILL help you raise your vibration and take you to the next level in your spiritual evolution. 

“Debra’s gentle demeanour and thoughtful questions opened up my understanding of what happened to me”   ~ Janet, Winnipeg

But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of my articles  or testimonials  to see if I’m the right Guide for you. Or, just contact me with your questions to see if we’re a good fit.

Indigos all over the world are waking up and they are seeking guidance in their quest to understand Ascension and activate their DNA for Ascension. 

Maybe you are even  one of these Indigo Starseeds and that’s why you were led here.

That’s I am coming forward now. I’m being asked to be a Guide during an important time in human history. Earth hasn’t had an opportunity for Ascension in over 200,000 years.(1)

But without having done the inner work myself, I wouldn’t be able to help anyone else. This is not the kind of work you can bullshit through, not at this level.

This isn’t fortune telling; I don’t read tarot cards or tea leaves.

This is about YOU making sense of your Spiritual Awakening. 

This is about YOU starting a whole new chapter of wonder, mystery and exploration.

This is about YOU aligning with your Soul purpose to help change the world.  And I don’t take that lightly.

What I believe

A Spiritual Awakening is a highly coveted gift and many spend years in dedication hoping to achieve it.

I believe if you’ve been touched by Awakening, you’ve been called to bring your special brand of healing to the world.

But I also believe you can’t change the world until you change yourself.  Spiritual Awakening is about changing the world from the inside out, one person at a time. 

So, if you want to help heal the world with your Awakening  (not everyone is up to the task!) and you are driven and open to learning, I urge you to stick around and see what I have to offer.

Don’t know yet what your unique healing gifts are? Work With Me to Find out.

“She knew exactly where I was in my life and what was on my mind.”  ~ Anna, Berlin

I am passionate about sharing my healing wisdom in a no-nonsense way. That’s why you’ll find a ton of free no-nonsense articles here to get the extra spiritual support you need. For my Youtube channel, click here. 

For those of you in the throes of Kundalini Awakening, I urge you to look at my Spiritual Awakening Support Package. It’s affordable and jam-packed with value.

All of my consultations combine my 20 years’ experience with a direct line of communication to YOUR Higher Self and Aspects to help align you with your Highest Potential right now.

You can read about my Quality Guarantee here.

And unlike many other professional intuitives who’ve whittled down to a protocol, I still do take questions. 

But, because I am not crazy about Facebook or Instagram and try to live my life in ‘Real D’ as much as possible, the best way to stay connected is by joining other Indigos for my monthly Full Moon newsletter.

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If you’re interested in booking a Reading or Auric Clearing with me, please use the CONTACT form.  

With love on your journey,

Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning

1. Deane, Ashayana. Voyagers The Secrets of Amenti Volume 2. ARhAyas Productions LLC, Sarasota, FL.

I'm so grateful the Universe put you in my path

I don't know if you helped me clear my chakras or my aura, but oh my goodness last night after we talked was amazing.  I released so much stuff. But not only that, I was enlightened to the fact we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Like actually understood and saw it.

I feel like a completely different person, but in a wonderful way.  My center forehead felt like it was going to explode and then my heart started hurting. I have NEVER felt such intensity in my chakras, but they burst open one by one last night. It was such a beautiful experience and I just wanted to humbly thank you. I'm just in awe of it all.  I'm so beyond grateful the universe put you in my path. Thank you for what you do!

-Christina, Louisiana

Debra is a level above

Debra is an Amazing Intuitive Healer! I have been seeking a spiritual intuitive healer for quite some time now. Debra did not disappoint. I have been seeking a healer at the same level as myself and they are not easy to come by. We are in different provinces in Canada but that didn't matter. When I saw a picture of her, I knew I had to connect.

She was able to intuitively resonate with me and help shift and release energies that I had no clue I was holding onto. She has an 'insight' that helps remove negative influential energy within yourself and your auric fields.

We discussed many profound things and to my delight she knew exactly what I was talking about - higher consciousness concepts and understandings that most healers would not relate to.

I have felt such a lift and such connection to my higher self with so much joy and optimism. She has helped me, help myself. Feels like Karma release on such an innate deep level. Thank you Debra! I look forward to our next session! Debra is a level above, she is the teachers helper and someone with a genuine heart for being of service!

-Karen, Toronto.

Debra is a powerhouse

Debra is a power house of divine gifts that provides the channel to raw truth. Her heart is pure and huge and has the miraculous ability to house the messages of spirits from all realms. She is a divine vessel waiting to help anyone find the answers and guidance to far and near dimensions.

All mothers should connect to her and hear the soul truth of their babies so that they can be empowered in their own abilities to be the best they can be in fulfilling the child's soul needs.  This is what Debra was able to help me with. She helped me understand the soul that was nudging me to conceive and get clarity on how I needed to prepare. Her level of detail left zero room for doubt and a full inspiration of moving forward in strong confidence. For me she was an answered prayer.


-P.Q., Victoria, BC

Afterwards I felt a peace in my heart

When I saw your picture on the web, I knew that you were the one to help me cope with the death of my young daughter. I was shocked at the connection you had with her because you told me things about my her that no one could have known about.

You also told me that if I wanted that I would be pregnant by December at the latest. Well, it's now September and I am pregnant! I did all the things you told me to do and it worked! I wanted to thank you again because after the reading I felt a peace in my heart that I hadn't felt in months since my baby's death. I now feel hopeful about my future and having another child.

- Debbie, Regina, Sask.

Fundamental in my journey

Debra’s shamanic clearing process has been fundamental in my journey. Her natural intuitive intelligence created a space of divine intervention for healing. I’ve experienced a great deal of clarity and motivation to move forward!  Thank you Debra!

-Adair, Calgary

One of the best readings I've ever had

I recently had a 12 Key reading. I found Debra to be exceptionally insightful. Many of her comments were spot on regarding my skills and gifts and other areas. She speaks clearly and it is evident she uses her gifts to help others. One of the best readings I have ever had. I will continue to touch base with her as I grow on my spiritual path.

-Ann S., Iowa

Truly gifted

I met Debra, at the sunset on the beach, in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We immediately connected. I love that energy she has.

She asked me,  Are you doing pottery? I said no. You’re not doing pottery? I see pottery! One of the questions i asked her was if I'm ever gonna live from my art. She talked to me about doing shows, selling my work with other artists. So many things she mentioned really resonated with me!

Right after we finished the reading, I’m on the phone with my daughter when i had another call, an opportunity to do a show with my paintings. The lady sent me an email right after and I found out that she is a pottery artist! I’m so excited! 

I believe Debra is truly gifted. I'm not sure what blocks she helped release but since talking to her I have had two opportunities arise for my art.

-Chantal, Calgary

Unlocked a lot for me

You really confirmed many things I was feeling on a deep level and it really unlocked a lot for me. I have really come into my Claircognizance! I knew it was only a matter of time but your guidance was exactly what I needed and I am so grateful. I will send as many people your way that I feel could use your gifts to help unlock theirs.

-Bryan, Portland.

The energy surges subsided and I felt more focused

I was very anxious and couldn't focus after having a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. After talking with Debra, the energy surges noticeably subsided and I felt much more focused. Debra's gentle demeanour and thoughtful probing questions opened up my understanding of what had happened to me. Thank you Debra!

- Janet, Winnipeg

Gave me the tools I needed

I had never had a reading of any kind before Debra. Going in I was nervous and excited to see what messages she would have for me. She quickly calmed my nerves with her easygoing and caring nature.

The messages that she shared with me truly helped me move on at a difficult cross roads in my life. She helped me refocus my life and gave me the tools I needed to continue on my path with more confidence and direction. Her predictions about my love life also came true, right down to the month. I can't say enough good things about her. She's a truly special soul with immense gifts.

- Megan, Calgary

Debra always finds the right words

This has not only been the strongest and deepest healing session with Debra, but one of the most deep energy releasing sessions I’ve ever felt. Now that I have cleared space I am ready to work on re-constructing myself. Debra always finds the right words to be gentle with my healing heart, nudging me forward as my healer and mentor.

-Kristine, Nanaimo

So accurate I was instantly converted

I feel very fortunate that Debra has entered my life. Initially I was sceptical but Debra's first reading for me was so accurate-I was instantly converted. I've gone to others in between readings only to feel underwhelmed by the results. I highly recommend her for her honesty, thoughtfulness and accuracy. I'm left feeling inspired and spiritually supported.

-Paul, Vancouver, BC

She is the real deal

Although curious, I am not totally convinced of the validity of psychic abilities since I don’t experience them myself. However, the more I got to know Debra, the more convinced I became that she is the “real deal”.

When Debra did the reading, I was amazed and blown away with the tremendous depth and breadth of the information. Most of the themes that emerged were things I have been wrestling with my whole life and therefore resonated with me.

She was able to provide guidance and encouragement, as well as practical suggestions of how to pursue my development. She carried out the reading with gentleness and respect as well as being very clear and to the point. I’m looking forward to our next session and would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance.

- Mike, Nanaimo

Debra felt very safe even before I met her

I was at a point in life where I felt that I could use some help in navigating my next steps, Debra felt very safe and welcoming to me before I had even met her. I felt a bit lost before my reading, unsure where to focus next. I was in need of some support and connection. I had questions about my career and some really personal things that I normally wouldn't want to open up about.

After my reading I felt amazing. I was really excited about the things that Debra shared with me because resonated so strongly. I felt encouraged and driven to use this new information and move forward in my life. Many of my worries and unknowns were resolved and I felt grateful for Debra and her beautiful skills of tuning in.

- Kayla, Duncan, B.C.

Accurate and clear

I highly recommend Debra for an Intuitive Energy Reading. She is very gifted, energetic and positive person. Her reading was accurate and clear. I could see that she is enjoying her job and uses her skills to help other people.
I look forward to working with Debra again!


-Elman, U.K.

Advice and suggestions that improved my life

My Custom Reading with Debra was very detailed and clear. It was like she knew exactly where I was in my life and what was on my mind. She knew some things a year ago that I just recently found out about myself recently. Debra and her reading have been so helpful, giving me advice and suggestions that improved my life for the better, helping me to focus on what feeds my soul. She was also very precise in describing the future developments on what mattered most to me. Thank you so much, Debra!

- Anna, Berlin, Germany

I left feeling I had all the answers inside of me

I'm a skeptical person and didn't know if Debra could help me with my business but I was at a crossroads and needed insight. Since meeting with her I have a clearer idea of how to position myself in the market based on what she sensed about my energy and my strengths. She also explained the origins of a block I've had for a long time by seeing into a past life. Since hearing that some positive changes have happened in my business. I left feeling I had all the answers inside me that I needed to move forward.

-Ken, Calgary.

Very enjoyable Spirit Baby Reading

I had a very enjoyable Spirit Baby Reading with Debra. She gave me some very in-detail insights on the requests of my unborn baby, her life oath, information on the birth, and my personal life. This was all so reassuring and helpful. Debra is patient and obviously very talented. I  am excited for the future after healing about it and highly recommend her services for any mums-to-be who want an in-depth, professional reading.

-Anna, U.K.

I was able to begin the process of letting go of the past

I felt very excited  prior to my reading. I knew Debra would provide me with some very honest answers to my questions whether in my favor or not. I was very satisfied. Debra is very professional and honest. She encouraged me to move on with my own personal goals and dreams. I felt not only very encouraged by the advice and protection the universe revealed through, but I was able to begin the process of letting go of the past.

- Shelley, Nanaimo

One of the best readings to date

I had one of the best readings to date from Debra today. I highly recommend her.

-Tracey B., Iowa.


Her words resonated deeply

The words Debra spoke resonated deeply with me. I have gained incredible clarity from our session. I highly recommend this woman!

-Haley, Oregon

FREE Spiritual Awakening Survival Guide

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