Spirit Children & Spirit Babies

In Utero Spirit Baby Reading 

via photograph of parent(s)

Beyond practical tips for making your pregnancy less uncomfortable, and even to improve telepathy with your baby, I offer spirit readings for babies in utero that will help you understand baby’s future personality, ambitions, tendencies (good and bad) and natural affinities.

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In my experience, spirit babies are excited to tell their stories. They try to communicate with you through fleeting impressions, dreams, cravings (and kicking!) as many expecting mothers can attest to. But imagine being able to tap in to your baby’s personality type? Their goals and talents in this lifetime, as well as some of the major forks in the road ahead?

Before embodiment, every spirit knows what they want to do while here on Earth, yet by the time we are old enough to make important career decisions, we have become so fully immersed in the Earth hologram that many can no longer remember what we’d set out to do!

Spirit babies are also aware of certain nodes, or critical points along their timelines which are pivotal to their life paths. It’s helpful for them to get support at these junctions from a parent who will remember their importance when they arise many years later. 

These are some of the things that spirit babies want to communicate to their parents before they embody ‘beyond the veil’. Having an Earthly experience is a big deal!

More and more I’m finding that Spirit babies are anxious about completing their ‘missions’ in this lifetime. They want you to know how YOU can be an encouraging parent, supportive of their needs.

What’s more, by being made aware of your baby’s desires in this lifetime, you can help her soul feel more grounded in their human experience.

When a parent is ready to accept their baby has their own agenda, childhood can be more of a positive experience for everyone. Nurturing these skills or affinities helps spiritual children feel more fulfilled on a soul level. This is because they’ll sense they’re preparing the groundwork for their ‘earth mission’ which, for most, doesn’t begin until adulthood. For some it’s a long time to wait to start ‘their real job’. Some spiritual children can even feel frustrated by the limitations of being in physical form and linear time. 

Having this extra layer of purpose to ‘the facade’ of being a human child can keep spiritual contempt at bay, which may sneak up in adolescence and cause them to resent being embodied, disassociate from their bodies or act out in self-destructive ways.

Experience the joy of a reciprocal soulful relationship and book your Spirit Baby Reading today.




Shooting Stars 

Trying to conceive Package (3 readings)

 In-person or via video consultation 

* Pre-qualification Required

Now more than ever, spirit babies are looking to be joined with loving parents to assist them bring forth their unique missions to the New Earth. Now you, too, can connect to the spirit realm where spirit babies wait to be joined with their parents through this special offer. 

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From early on in my journey, I’ve always had a special relationship to the spirits of the unborn. I just seem to have an uncanny ability to sense when someone is about to conceive or has just conceived. This quirk in my work has developed over the years so that now I can relay baby messages in utero and even before conception. 

I often find that the Spirit Babies I connect to are higher-dimensional beings with ‘earth missions’. Some people call these children ‘Starseeds”. They are seeking out parents who will nurture their unique soul paths to bring healing and peace to the world. Never before has there been such a need for these spirit babies. These children often display heightened intelligence, sensitivity and unique gifts. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Indigo children of the 1960s and 1970s? Now there is an influx of Rainbow and Crystal children waiting to be born into families where their gentle healing natures will thrive and blossom.

If you think you might be one of these parents, there are certain things the Spirit Babies want you to know about them first. My job is to facilitate communication, forming a bridge of compassionate understanding and commitment. I basically act as a baby match-maker. 

Each child on this earth IS unique and comes here with individual gifts to enlighten and ENLIVEN the earth’s peoples. Are you one of these parents or couples who know, deep inside, that you long to bring forth a special Earth Angel?

Then this message is for you.

Yet don’t delay. Sometimes a parent may have to practice spiritual exercises for some weeks or months before the ground can be laid for conception. Spirit Babies, because of their unique missions and strong determination to complete them, can be reluctant to descend in body unless they are SURE that their emotional and physical needs can be met. It may take some convincing on your part. 

This is especially true if the Spirit Baby is already known to you and is re-incarnating yet again into a familiar spiritual circle of souls s/he has worked with before. In this case, a clear understanding of the karmic bonds between you, your spouse and the baby will need to be addressed before the Spirit will agree to come into physicality. 

In any case, I will convey to you, over a series of in-person or Skype meetings, what the spiritual blocks to conception are, if any. I’ll assign spiritual homework and be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You’ll be able to email me at any time. 

In this TTC Reading, I identify spiritual blocks to conception, communicate with your spirit baby on your behalf, and offer clear guidelines so you may communicate with them by yourself (exercises, affirmations, meditations, spiritual homework) and support conception through this bond.

This Reading is intended to encourage conception via spiritual methods. I am not a medical doctor and no medical diagnoses will be provided. This is not a substitution for medical advice and should not be construed as such.

Note that no baby readings are the same and results may vary. I offer no guarantee that these consultations will result in conception and no refunds are possible. However I make every attempt to ensure your satisfaction. A pre-qualifying application process is meant to prevent disappointment and verify your suitability for this service. Please be aware of this before you make your purchase. 


Departed Spirit Baby Reading

By far my favourite healing made possible via my shamanic and empathic medium abilities, this two-part healing will benefit any parent who has lost an infant or child, whether by miscarriage, abortion, illness or unnatural death. This is a very sacred kind of transformational healing, assisted by the Angelic realm, and I am honoured to be able to offer this for you.

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How it works is, I connect as a medium to the soul of the baby or child who has passed, alone in a meditative state. Then we have a lengthy conversation in which I bring forward any messages from either parent or baby to help the healing process and bring closure.

During and after the conversation it is common for me enter periods of weeping, which lasts 1-2 days. This intense energy work helps clear grief along the karmic cord between the baby and parents.

As an empathic medium, I’m able to feel the grief fully yet also be fully detached from it.

In this way I can transmute grief without keeping the departed soul anchored to the Earth plane. 

The Angelic realm often assists me in this work. 

This transformational energy work, combined with healing messages help both parents and child to move forward in their respective journeys.


Your Sensitive Child  ~ Grace & Wellness

(Age 3-12 years) Via photograph of parent & child

You’ll know you have a spiritual child because of the profound wisdom and grace they show from very early ages. If you are a conscious parent, you will also know that you’ve been tasked with helping an ‘earth angel’ adapt to the realities of a harsh world. So what to do when things get tricky?

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Spiritual children might need different ‘management’ by their parents as they do not generally respond well to authoritarian disciplinary styles. Additionally, they need to be shown coping skills for their sensitivity and emotional or empathic gifts. Energy management and skills to help protect them from EMF or taking on energies of others are paramount. There are ways to teach your child how to mitigate their sensitivity to their environments without shielding them from the world.

Book a consult with me today to help you with any challenges you feel are foreign to you, or if you need a little help in better understanding your child’s needs from a spiritual or energetic perspective.


Teen Reading

 Via photograph

The demands of modern society are reflected in the precarious positions youth find themselves in today. It’s not always obvious for parents how to deal with outbursts, negative attitudes, peer pressure, and the uncertainty of education or career choices..

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An outside perspective can sometimes help us see through the confusion caused by energetic states like anger or shame. My ability to tap into a young person’s Soul Blueprint can help identify talents and potentialities that can let everyone take a deep breath.

For many, the internal pressure to self-actualize in youth is a factor in communication breakdowns. A keen intuitive can act as a bridge to help bring to light current psychological or spiritual blocks. This might be all that’s needed for a troubled youth to have the support they need to make positive incremental changes that lead to better choices.

Being a better-informed parent translates into more emotional support in the family home, which may help rebuild strained relationships and a sense of belonging and connection.

The Lightening Youth Package includes:

  • 1 in-depth intuitive consult with parents only or parent and youth together.
  • The identification of current blocks & challenges
  • Health & wellness support
  • Creativity & soul growth tips
  • Practical solutions and references
  • 1 email summary of important points to remember
  • FREE Bonus: 1 Vocation question (education/ career potential)




Please note:

No readings are identical in their scope and depth. Nor can I guarantee that any specific information will come through. It really depends on the spirit of the child and what they wish to convey at the time of the reading. Thank you for understanding this before you buy.

Due to demand, the turn-around time for distance Baby Readings is 5 business days from time of purchase. After I receive your payment, you’ll get an email with detailed instructions and next steps.

I am not a doctor. Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information contained on this website and in any of my readings, including spiritual information relating to medical and health conditions, is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs!

Disclaimer: Any of the services provided by Debra Casagrande or this website are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness, nor are they to be interpreted IN ANY WAY as a substitute for professional medical, surgical, psychiatric or psychological care or treatment.

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