October 31st Full Moon Energy Update

October 31 2020 Full Moon Energy Update: Fire and Ice

The energy themes for this coming month are:


Right off the hop, I’m going to gently remind all of you to be patient with your loved ones this month. That means you, too, Awakener.

Don’t let that nasty INNER CRITIC start to boss you around. When Scorpio energy hits, we can get extra demanding and critical.

You might also bear witness to others’ alter egos and slim shady’s this month. The ghouls are out right on time for Hallowe’en!

I’m calling this month FIRE AND ICE because of the polar opposites and extremes I’m sensing.

Don’t look for balance- you won’t find any.

Instead, look to the polar opposite for ways to counterbalance.

If you are extremely driven, be very determined to have fun, too. If you have been sitting at the computer too much, find balance by enforcing vigorous movement. 

Balance isn’t going to present naturally this month. You’ll have to actively counterbalance by swinging to the other extreme.  Use this month’s peaks and valleys in energy to your advantage.

There will be days of spartan-like drive mixed in with days when integration is the only way forward.  Again, try to be patient.

october 31 2020 full moon energy update

October 31st 2020 Full Moon Energy Update

Absurdity and lack of cohesion will turn up like WILDCARDS this month.

Expect distortions and things that don’t fit into the regular narrative, just like those funhouse mirrors.

This is another expression of the extremes that we are going to see. Instead of walking past, go through the mirror. These absurdities and anomalies can be portals to profound insight.

My best advice is to tackle them sideways, not head on, for a more Jungian approach.

Use any WILDCARDS that turn up to reflect on what inner resource you can draw upon to BREAK THROUGH them.

Journaling is a great way to do this. What’s important is not allowing the INNER CRITIC to censor what wants to surface from a deeper place. Let it have its voice in your journal, but aim to write beyond that voice.

The idea is to dig so deeply that you access the unconscious. You can only get to this depth when you trick the INNER CRITIC into letting you pass.


The trick is not to repress the CRITIC’S voice. Just let it come up.

What it reveals will be like the distorted reflections in the funhouse mirrors. And those are the keys to your emancipation from living in SHADOW.

Slaying the CRITIC is just a matter of embodying the mirror-opposite soul quality that your ego is most afraid of.

If it’s showing you judgment, embody acceptance. If you’re seeing a pattern of envy, seek patience and gratitude along your path. Do you smell fear? It’s time to make a decision to commit. 

WILDCARDS might not make any logical sense, but in the mythical language of the soul they’re magic shortcuts, or portals to greater wisdom and character.

october 31 2020 full moon energy update

November’s the time to dig in your heels and do things that are tough.

Not because tough times are calling ahead, but because there is incredible FOCUS, stamina and determination available to do tough things. 

This is a great month to DIVE DEEP into one particular task. You’ll find that you can make great headway this month if you can be obsessive about just one thing. 

Expect the INNER CRITIC to pounce on this one. It will tell you that you have to juggle *all the things* or else you’ll drop the balls.

Don’t fall for it.

Allow yourself a short respite from setting unrealistically high expectations of yourself. Have the discipline to stop splitting your attention into a thousand refracted places.

DIVE DEEP on that most critical task, that keystone habit, that single root issue (especially around the 11/11 gate) and the rewards will pay off. 

You’ll have laid some solid foundation. We are in Scorpio season after all. 

Everyone will be saying it’s purging season, but if you’ve been listening to me for the last year, you should now have made enough room.  

While everyone around you will be sifting clutter and getting ready to hibernate and slow down for the winter, you can zoom ahead on your rocket-powered broomstick.

Use this month’s energy to cultivate a laser-like FOCUS and BREAK THROUGH.

DIVE DEEP into your inner resources. Ignore any surface clutter and find the nucleus.

Especially around 11/11 there will be grit and power to be had in spades.

But only if you’re not leaking energy all over the place trying to be other people’s  therapists and wasting energy on unimportant things.

Don’t make the mistake Orpheus did as he was leaving the Underworld. 

Don’t look back. 

October 31 2020 Full Moon Energy Update

october 31 2020 full moon energy update

Now in Scorpio season, we are dealing with monsters, shadows and everything plutonian. 

When you DIVE DEEP, you wake up a lot of resistance.  It’s how you know you’ve crossed the threshold to where the biggest battles are won.

But here’s the catch:  if you don’t praise yourself for even the smallest efforts, there will be hell to pay. Here’s why.

Getting your shit together requires spartan discipline. Our inner monsters, child-brats, CRITICS and shadows will kick up a fuss once you start to cage them in for the purpose of buckling down.

The couch, your kids, your credit card or that bottle of wine will be calling you to abandon your focus.

And your INNER CRITIC will try every dirty trick it knows to bring you down with it.

Don’t give it a chance.

In November be your own cheerleader. Remember to reward and praise yourself for the smallest of victories.

You only had half that piece of cake? Good job. Managed to sneak in 10 minutes of yoga when the baby was down for a nap? You did good. You started doing some research for that paper you’ve been putting off? Nice work. 

If you become a tyrant to yourself, resentment will poison your efforts and kick you back to the curb.

Your inner brat will act out. The SHADOW self will lash out.

That’s the scorpion sting to beware this month.

october 31 2020 full moon energy update

Finally, you want to make sure you’re sleeping like the dead this month.

DEEP rejuvenating sleep is needed during times of deep recovery. Whether you’re trying to recover your spirit from addiction or reawaken your creativity, think about how you might improve your sleep.

Maybe you can take advantage of the natural sexual healing energy available in Scorpio season to wear yourself out before bed.

But if you’re having interrupted sleep from astral visitors or bad dreams, it might be time for you to smudge your room, start gridding your bed with selenite, put some black tourmaline on guard, or start a spiritual sleep-safe ritual to keep you out of unfriendly astral territory. 

Plus, if you’re getting good sleep, you’ll dream. For some of us, that’s when we’re gifted with creative solutions to our most persistent enigmas and blocks.

This month honour your depths. May FOCUS be the prayer you offer to your inner being this month as you DIVE DEEP into your passion and slay the dragons of resistance to BREAK THROUGH.

x with Love on your Journey

october 31 2020 full moon energy update

What could you dive deep into this month, Awakener? What Shadow aspects do you need to be on guard against? Let me know in the comments.

October 31 2020 Full Moon Energy Update 







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  1. Thank you for the wise words, Debra! See some of this happening right now. Need to remember to FOCUS.
    Much love,

    1. Glad to hear you’re finding it useful! Yes, I’ve also been seeing some strange things since the sun went into Scorpio. At least the energies are supportive through this timeframe.