Lion's Gate 2020 Energy Update

Lion’s Gate 2020 Energy Update

Do you remember all the times I’ve asked you, pleaded with you to keep doing ‘the work’? Well, now’s the time to make gold out of all the coal you’ve mined.  It’s time to create anew.

The 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal is upon us, shimmering ahead like a mirage or a mirror. What will it be for you? Merely a fanciful wish or a reflection of your Soul’s true desire?

When I meditated for you on the energy ahead, I saw a fire flooding the forest, licking at the wounds of the deadwood. I saw patches of burnt earth as marked clearings for new structures to be built upon.

There is the perfect symphony of fiery desire, bold courage, and creative energy available right now.

In other words, it’s the perfect time to make a bid for power.


Especially from the New Moon on the 18th until the end of the month. That will really be the time go ALL IN.

What can you fold into your life this month? What simple but tasty layer can you firmly commit to acting on now that will make you feel RICHER?

What has been bubbling up inside you, waiting for you to strike a match to enrichen your human experience?

Is it a new language, instrument, fitness goal, novella, or certification?

Maybe it’s a promotion, side hustle, new place to live or a vehicle upgrade?

How can YOU harness the joyful, creative energy that’s pouring in right now? Are you bold enough to ride the current waves of child-like courage and just go for it?

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, THIS is the time to commit to a new layer of YOU. 

It’s months like these when I ask myself how I am showing up. Am I honoring the intelligence of my soul and playing the game, connected to our Mother Earth?

Am I trusting the process of divine creation by putting some skin in the game?

Are you tuned into it, too? 

Or are you trying to override it with what others say you should be doing? Smother it with things that keep you busy? Are you in vacay mode from your Desire, dear Lightworker?


I know I’ve asked you a lot of questions today. But really, all I’m asking you to do is summon YOUR unique truth.

How can you tell what that is? you might wonder.

When you’re doing something you love versus something you feel obligated to do, what does that feel like in your body? 

Is there resistance, achiness, tightness, heaviness? What scripts or ego stories start to recite their lines?

Or do you feel rooted, powerful, expansive, exquisite, overflowing, invigorated?

That’s how you know.

The frequency of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate is COURAGE and ALIGNMENT. The courage to be in alignment with your soul’s truth.

This year’s Portal is asking you to be PRESENT with your value systems, with your body’s wisdom and biofeedback.

Can you express yourself at the next level of your awareness?


How much more integrity can you embody? How much more of YOU can you be right now?  

Are you living your truth as a child would, without a care about being ridiciuled?

Children don’t think about being judged when they try new things. Just because we get older and wiser doesn’t mean we need to succumb to cynicism. There’s enough of that in the world already. 

For the rest of 2020, Can you do something bold with your Light?

How will you contribute to the consciousnness grid while others choose to go down with the ship?

The energies of chaos and creative potential exist at two ends of the same stick, both resonating to the same no-thing-ness . Which end of the stick are you shaking? Can you turn it into a wand?

The frequency for all of August is COURAGE, TRUTH, INTEGRITY AND ALIGNMENT. This is no time for sleepwalking.

Standing at the 8/8 Gateway, ask yourself if you can’t embody your integrity to create in the world another reflection of your REGAL self.

I know this year has been tough, but this month, can you express a more elevated version of yourself?

Can you choose to ignore the stories you’ve been telling yourself that come from cynicism or past suffering?

Puff out your chest. Root  down. Gather the energy.

Add a layer. Deepen. Strut. Broaden your kingdom. 

Enrichen your lot. Stick your flag into the ground. Make a bid for power.  

Now is the time to be REGAL, Dear Lightworker. Don’t hold back.



xx with so much Love on your Journey

Debra Casagrande Starseed Coach Lightworker Coach


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