Jumping Timelines and going through the Little Death

But first, what do I mean by timeline?

I use the word “timeline” to describe your operational matrix: the frequency or vibrational platform from which you create your own reality.  No-one’s reality is identical. We all see the world thorugh our own self’s lens and have our own unique experiences. 

When you raise your vibration, you jump timelines.

You step up onto a higher creational matrix whereby you operate at a deeper level of creation, creating on more levels of mind and experiencing multi-dimensional realities. 

Was that just a dream? 

A good example of this is when you dream of people you know at night. Healers, have you experienced this? You wake up and know that you were working in the astral realms with a loved one (or even just someone from your Soul Family) when you were asleep. In your reality, you weren’t just sleeping; you were healing, creating, helping them (or vice versa!) through energy or consciousness. That’s a multi-dimensional experience.

Depending on your friend’s level of awareness, you can validate this. You call your friend the next day and tell them your dream. You’ll know it wasn’t just a dream (but an astral memory!) when they confirm that the theme in your dream parallels a theme they are working through or experiencing consciously. 

How to know if you’re about to jump timelines

Before a surge in energy or a jump to a higher timeline, there can be hours, days, weeks or months even when you haven’t completely adapted to the higher energy of the new timeline.

The gap in frequency is what you experience as what I like to call “The Little Death”.

It feels like you are grieving. That’s because you are. You are in the process of LETTING GO of the previous timeline. You have to jump off the old timeline before you can land on the new one. 

Your Higher Self and your Guides will be nudging you to jump timelines but you’re not quite there yet.

You feel OFF.  It can feel like you have no inclination to pursue the activities that normally make up your day. Or there can be specific activities that no longer feel right.

This is evidence that you’ve outgrown the energy of the lower timeline. 

For me I become extremely apathetic and listless. Sometimes suicidal even. Like there’s no joy to be had anywhere or things don’t make sense and I question my very utility in this world. Often it feels like I am blocked to the connection with my own Higher Self.

Does that sound familiar?

I attribute this to being in a kind of LIMBO where I haven’t yet reached the new timeline because I’m still clinging onto the old one. That’s why it feels like a DEATH. It feels like hell.

Check the timing, too by looking at an astrological calendar. I feel a Little Death at least once per year, and especially before massive activation dates (portals) like eclipses, solstices and the 8/8, 11/11 or 12/12 gates.

So what to do?

First of all, realize that the Little Death is an indicator of you jumping timelines. That helps a lot. Know that there’s a change in energy coming and it will be positive. That what you’re experiencing is simply the DEATH or letting go of the OLD TIMELINE.

But how to FEEL better?

In order to adjust to the higher frequency timeline that you’re at the gateway of, you need to raise your vibration.

When you’re standing before a locked door, what do you need to enter? You need a KEY.

The KEY is frequency. Therefore, the answer to raising your vibration is to do things that are high vibrational.

  • Creative acts.
  • Acts of selflessness and kindness.
  • Prayer and meditation.
  • Surrounding yourself in beauty (our connection to Transcendence/ the Divine)
  • and being in nature.

All of these things raise your vibration.  It’s like going to to the gym to build muslces. If you need to raise your vibration before you can open the door to a new timeline, you have to build up your vibration. Makes sense, right?

What not to do 

Try to take some mental health days if you can. Call your mother to help with the kids. Ask your spouse for some extra support. Delegate at work. Call in a sick day.

Do what you can to avoid the hustle and those mundane 3D activities that are traditionally ‘lower vibe’. The things that keep us in a state of separation with the Divine. Those are the things that will prolong your feeling of unease in the GAP or LIMBO of jumping timelines.

In fact, your soul will tell you exactly the things to avoid. You know how? They will be the things you least WANT to do. Remember that our emotions are our compass. There will be a feeling of deep resistance to doing those things that keep you back. If you feel this resistance, it means your emotional compass is working!

Once you’ve jumped frequencies, you’ll feel ‘at home’ again. You’ll have adjusted to your new vibration like nothing happened.

For some of you, you’ll go back to incorporating into your day-to-day those activities you loathed before, but with a renewed sense of purpose or energy. For others, you may leave some of those things in the past as they no longer fit vibrationally with your new timeline.

We are all different. Honor your own process. 

Sometimes jumping timelines can feel like the Dark Night of the Soul. Just remember to focus on anchoring higher vibrational frequencies throughout the Little Death keep in mind that you’re going through a portal to a new timeline.

I promise you, it WILL pass. And you’ll get through it even faster with these few tips. 


x with so much Love on your Journey,

Debra Casagrande Starseed Coach Lightworker Coach

Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning