January 2021 Energy Report

January 2021 Energy Report Part 2

Part 2 Prepare for Journey 


Goal setting has never been more important than now. If you haven’t yet begun, it’s time to hunker down and daydream. Only you can unravel your destiny from the stars in the sky.


Now’s the time to unspool your dream, star by star, and be the DREAMWEAVER.



If you don’t start to very consciously choose your future, you’ll end up a pawn on someone else’s chessboard.


For those of you who’ve been doing the work, by now you’ll have cleared enough to hook into the True Light Source Grid. If you have been following me for some time, you’ll know that The Light Warriors/ Boots On the Ground have been getting into position.


That time has arrived. We are now at the START LINE


We are firmly in the End Times and the Angelic Wars that were prophesied many years ago. The timeline is once again repeating as we see both sides recruit their soldiers for a literal battle of souls. To quote Emerald Order Guardian Alliance Speaker E’Asha A. Arhayas, “now is the time to decide what kind of Angel you want to become.”


A fallen angel or a sovereign one?


This month you’re being called to prepare for the epic journey ahead. At the START LINE is where you draw your map, gather your tools, resources and CALL IN YOUR PACK.


Build your alliance and don’t look back. But be vigilant for this is not the time to rest on your laurels or fall asleep at the wheel. Coasting back onto unconsciousness will be the SNAG I’m warning about.


January 2021 Energy Report


A friend of mine recently asked me about a dream she had that she couldn’t figure out. She dreamt of a pack of white wolves. When I honed in on the imprint of her dream, what came to me was the archetypal symbol of PACK or community. That the strength is in the PACK and that she wasn’t alone, despite feeling that way.


I felt the message was for her to reconnect with her healing community and her friends during these trying times right now. While some of us can’t physically visit our friends, the gift of technology allows us to stay connected nonetheless.


I have also noticed that in readings with every single Indigo I read for, this message comes through: “There is someone for you.”


The messages are clear. Now is the time to CALL IN your life partner.  At the START LINE, we aren’t just assembling tools and resources but also our people to help us embark on the epic journey ahead.


January 2021 Energy Report


What do you want? At the START LINE, there isn’t just one truth or just one version of events. In this Energy Report I present my personal view of what I see lying ahead and that vision helps me to DREAMWEAVE my own destiny into being.


It’s the same with your future partner. Having recently crossed paths with someone who ‘ticks all my boxes’, I realized, through the process of how that person came into my life, that we are DREAMWEAVING our tribe into being, too. 


The more consciously you choose what you are looking for, the better chance you have of creating something uniquely beautiful out of the co-creative fabric. 


Two years ago I had an epiphany about the Twin Flame cult phenomenon in the New Age. What’s put forth is that there is only one person who can be our “twin flame”. In my view this is a bit daunting, realistically, if union with the Twin is the ultimate goal.


Feeling into this, I realized that it felt limiting. Are we supposed to wait around, attempting to magnetize to us just one person out of billions on the planet, at the expense of all other connections?


What if my Twin Flame wasn’t embodied at the same time? What if he was married? What if my Twin Flame wasn’t even Awake, was compromised, or had entirely different life goals and values? What if I met him and he didn’t want to be together with me? 


As much work as I was doing as an individual, what were the chances that my Twin Flame had done the same work, at the same pace, and was actually my other half in another body? 


All these questions concerned me. The more that I thought about it, the more I felt the TF story started to sound like some New Age fantasy that would keep otherwise powerful Light Workers looking out into the horizon, waiting around instead of getting on with the job of creative living.


It was at this point that I realized, like the rest of the themes in my life, there was no blackboard in the sky with “my one true partner’s” name on it.


Looking at the pivotal events in my life, I remembered how I actually co-created those events using my will. And the ones that brought me the most trouble? I stumbled into them thinking they were fated and I just ‘went along’.


This was my epiphany and what spurred me to CALL IN a Partner according to a specific set of criteria that would make them perfectly suited to being my Life Partner.


Do you see where I’m going with this?


That until you specify what your criteria is, there will never be anyone out there who meets it. How can you know when you’ve arrived somewhere if you haven’t decided where you are going? 


This is what I mean by DREAMWEAVING, not attracting.


So I took the reins and said aloud, “Surely there must be some Indigo out there who would be the perfect companion for me. A person with my desired criteria must exist.” 


As if divinely inspired, I felt absolutely convinced. I then proceeded to inform my Higher Self of the criteria very carefully. At times I wasn’t sure if I was creating the information or if I was unraveling like a spool of thread. 


Lastly, I commanded my Higher Self to bring me that person (and it would be nice if they arrived on my birthday) so we could meet and take it from there.


(Are you curious if he showed up? Did he meet all of my criteria? I would never have written this part of the energy report had he not.) 


In his book, Soulmates, Edgar Cayce has also said there are several people who suit you as partners and that the work of marriage in a soulmate relationship is to commit to one of them.


Indigos, I tell you this story to emphasize that you can CHOOSE a potential partner instead of feeling doomed to wait for something fated. Obviously you can’t make them love you but you can create an opportunity and see what happens.


Take the reins of Sovereignty at the START LINE and CALL IN your PACK.


We are in the end times and we can all use the extra support that comes with having a compatible partner.


CALL IN your partner, Indigos. I’m sure there is at least one, if not several people who would be well-suited to be your life partner. But you need to identify your vision first.


To find a life partner, it’s a good idea to attract someone who wants the same things as you do and who has similar values, or else your paths won’t align very well.


The point of romantic relationships isn’t to escape into each other or be the source of another’s happiness but rather finding joyful companionship and solid support along your own individual paths to actualization and fulfilment.




If you’re already partnered up, feel free to CALL IN other things in your life that will help you on your journey. CALL IN opportunities, friends, contacts, tools, experiences.


We all have the ability to co-create and manifest on this density and you might be finding that these abilities have actually become faster and more precise in the last two years.


Are you playing this game or are you standing still on the board looking around, waiting for someone else to make a move?


This is why I say, if you don’t choose to sovereignly create your life, you’ll end up a pawn on someone else’s board.


Continued in Part 3 



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