Are you managing your healing energy properly?

Ascended Lightworkers know it’s all about the energy.

As an infintiely expanding Lightworker, I never seem to lack experiences to learn more about energy.   

Yesterday I was visiting a new friend at his house. When I felt it time to leave, this 40 year old man made quite a scene of it, whining and pleading for me to stay and trying to bargain with me so he wouldn’t have to be alone.

At first you might think I would’ve been flattered. The truth is, when your job is to regulate, balance and distribute energy, that becomes your primary focus. I just didn’t want to put any more energy into this scenario. It felt time to leave so, without feeling any guilt, that’s what I did. 

You might think that was cold yet it was completely within my right to make this choice for my friend and his pit-bull, whom I’d also been working with during my two-hour visit. 

Perhaps you know the feeling when the energy streams through you like a tap? There are times when I am so full of love, compassion, joy and positivity that I feel like I can go on streaming that energy out to those around me without it ever depleting me.

That doesn’t mean I HAVE TO, though. 

The problem arises when you let people take away your power to control the energy.  It’s when you allow people to take advantage. Part of living in ascended consciousness has to do with realizing that the Source of the tap doesn’t belong to you but you have choices in how you regulate it. 

Part of thriving as a Lightworker in 5D is learning how to switch the tap on and off at will.

This obviously also means you believe you have the sovereign RIGHT to manage this energy. It’s flowing through YOUR vessel, after all. When you’re a burgeoning Starseed, no-one tells you how to manage your energy. You may go through YEARS of suffering from depleted energy and vampirism, never learning how to switch off the tap.

I’m here to tell you that once you get to a certain vibration, and once you’ve cleared certain programs or upgraded limiting beliefs, your ability to sense, regulate, balance and distribute energy permanently improves. 

The process goes something like this:

  • You realize you don’t know what’s best for other people and that you’re arrogant to think that you do.

  • You realize that boundary issues have to do not just with putting up your own but not overstepping others!

  • You stop believing that it’s your job to heal everyone you meet through energy 

  • You begin to get more selective about who you want to transmit energy to. 

  • You learn to respect others’ boundaries as a healer

  • From here you learn to value your OWN energy more.

  • Then you begin to act in ways that align with this new value of yourself and your energy.

  • Your vibration raises.

  • You become a clearer channel for more energy and higher frequencies of it.

  • You stop believing that you can be depleted because you realize the energy really isn’t yours but that you’re streaming it from Source.

  • The more you stream it, the more your vibration raises.

  • You realize it’s your sovereign right to regulate the energy as you see fit.

  • You realize it’s your responsibility to learn how to regulate it.

  • Your vibration raises, etc. 

Why should you switch off the tap?

What can happen in energy exchange is the other person starts to recognize on a subtle level that you are providing a source of high vibration. For an especially wounded person (like my new friend who’d been shot and beaten numerous times by Guerillas in Columbia), the energy you’re streaming can feel so good they don’t want the stream to end.

You don’t want to be an enabler. The energy you stream is meant to briefly support and uplift others and pass on important codes that help them take the next steps in their lives. That help is meant to be a temporary bridge. 

Some people can act strangely when you ‘shut off the tap’. I have experienced this numerous times with family members. Knowing you have that stuff that feels so good, they try: to control you, possess you, isolate you from others, manipulate you, abuse you, or even attack when you put up a boundary to say ‘that’s enough’.

They mistake you for that Light because they can’t tell the difference between the source and its distributor. 

Some people will become dependent on the Light you are streaming if you let them. And yes, that’s your responsibility. 

As a Lightworer you have LOTS of different people to transmit energy to and it’s in your right to keep moving around. You didn’t work this hard to get to the point where you can stream and anchor high frequencies to transmit to just 1 or 2 people.  Your global Lightwork has to do with being a transmitter to hundreds and thousands of people, in many different places and situations. 

What creates energy vampirism

Although source is infinite, you need to recognize when you have given enough healing energy to someone for the time being. How do you do this? You simply decide. Based on your comfort level and your desire. 

I’m not necessarily talking about feeling drained. Ascended Lightwork isn’t draining because you’ve attuned to such high energies flowing in that it isn’t tiring anymore. 

What I’m talking about is feeling taken advantage of or feeling weirdly violated. 

This can’t be allowed to happen. As an empath and channel, it is your Sovereign right to decide when to turn off the tap. This is how you actively engage your boundaries as a healer.

Energetic Boundaries Make You a Better Healer

What do I mean by that? Boundaries are what keep a Lightworker in business. If you can’t put up good boundaries without feeling guilty, you’ll never be able to charge what you’re worth, learn to distinguish vampirism, remove cords and attachments or raise your frequency enough to consistently stream higher frequencies without feeling tired.

You WANT to exercise control of the tap. If you have suckers in your chakras or energy field that you don’t know are there because you left the ‘tap on’ too long with a certain client or person, you’ll continue to ‘leak energy’ out to that person long after you’ve separated.

This can interfere with your own thoughts, feelings, moods, energy levels, and connection to Source. You don’t want that.

The law of non-locality in quantum mechanics means that once you have contact with one person, you’ll always be able to contact them again in the quantum field, and vice versa, regardless of distance (locality).  This explains how energetic cords function. 

When you breach your own energy boundary and allow people to take from you when you don’t really want that or when you no longer feel comfortable (or for any reason!) this is how you become vulnerable to vampirism and psychic cords or attachments.

You’ve essentially given over your power to control your own energy by capitulating to someone else’s desire for it.

It’s okay to say NO

Because it’s all about the energy. As Lightworkers our job is to maintain, value, replenish, cherish,  transmit and control energy. You’re not being mean when you turn off the tap. You’re not being selfish when you leave someone to continue their healing without you.

Energetic boundaries with our friends, family and co-workers helps them to learn to cultivate it for themselves. Why would they need to do if we just kept the tap on for them all the time?

Never should you feel guilty and you especially shouldn’t be MADE to feel guilty by others who want you to keep the tap on.

Acknowledge that YOU are a sovereign being and your ENERGY is YOURS to decide how, how much, when and to whom to give it. 

How do you establish energy healing boundaries? Do you have trouble setting them? Let me know in the comments below.

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