Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Shamanic Soul Loss Re-Integration

Indications of soul loss are: a loss of vitality, joy or creativity, feeling lost, fragmented, chronic apathy, contempt for oneself, the inability to accept responsibility or lack of will. Feeling like you’re a ‘ghost’ or ‘shell’ of who you once were.

Healers with the ability to safely navigate the upper and lower astral worlds on behalf of others are called Shamans. Incorporating the intuitive energy healing wisdom of the allies who accompany me on my journeys, I’m able to help individuals re-integrate parts of their consciousness that may have splintered off during times of intense shock or trauma. Drug or alcohol addiction, chronic depression, rejecting parts of your self, and not being rooted in the body can also lead to the phenomena known in indigenous cultures as Soul Loss.


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I offer intuitive energy healing whereby I journey on your behalf to seek out a part of you that might have traveled off to another place. I call this part of you that left your consciousness to go live somewhere else a ‘shard’ (like a piece of broken mirror, is how I see them). In a Soul Integration Healing, I journey with the assistance of my Spirit allies to uncover why the shard left and where it has gone. When I find it, I might have to rescue it but more likely I will have to negotiate for its return on your behalf.

Re-integrating the shard back into your consciousness is a combined effort between the healer and the client. You will need to be involved in this inner process to keep the shard from splitting off again. This means you’ll have to hold up your end of the bargain that was negotiated when the shard agreed to return.

These are usually simple instructions, but they must be followed through. The idea is to honor the return of your shard in some ritualistic way. I will provide you with these instructions in detail.

Once you properly re-integrate this soul essence, you’ll know. Depending on what was missing, you will now notice more creativity, joy, willpower, or you may just feel more grounded, with more direction, less anxious or sad. You may start dreaming again after a period of no dreams, or recover a lost skill.

If you think you might be struggling with Soul Loss but aren’t sure, please contact me with your questions via the contact form.

Price includes quest, negotiation and re-integration instructions. Please contact me with any questions. 

Intuitive Energy Healing:

Auric Attachment Clearing & Chakra BALANCING

The process of Awakening begins an energetic purging process and opens one up psychically. This can result in feeling very raw as you begin to face your demons. It can also leave you vulnerable to psychic interference and astral vampirism, especially for empaths who don’t know how to manage their psychic energy.

Addresses: cords, occupants, entities, miasms, stagnant energy and other unwanted attachments.


60 minutes

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Your ability to raise your energy frequency and heal can be greatly hindered by any lower astral attachments siphoning off your energy or stirring up emotional drama in your field.

If you find yourself drained, confused, unhappy, attracting low frequency situations and engaging in self-sabotage, an auric clearing can help clear the slate and give you more clarity and energy.

During Awakening, stagnant energy, blocks, attachments (cords) or emotional trauma imprinted on the chakras will worsen symptoms like anxiety, hallucinations, digestive issues, apathy, sadness or anger as Transformative (kundalini) Energy attempts to clear whatever is in its path.

Outside of Awakening processes, chakra balancing is useful if you find yourself stuck in feedback loops where you attract the same types of experiences over and over again.

If you’ve had a lot of emotional trauma in your life, that energy will be stored in the chakras, keeping them from firing properly and sending out distorted signals that attract more of the same.

Book an in-person intuitive energy healing session to speed up the purification process by helping to clear these distortions in the body’s energy centers, assisted by your Higher Self.

Skype or Zoom Video Call, or in person.

$120 for 45-60 minutes

Intuitive Energy Healing


Pre-requisite: Auric Attachment Clearing

Clear stubborn emotional patterns and imprints carried over from past lives by targeting the original traumatic event at the quantum level.

Guilt, unworthiness, not being seen, surival fears & poverty consciousness, victim mentality, repeated abandonment, jealousy and acts of sabotage, etc. can be released through this intuitive energy healing method.


60 minutes

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Skype or Zoom

$120 for approx 60 minutes.

Heal at the quantum level emotinal imprints carried over from past lives that keep you locked in a frequency loop, attracting more of the same and increasing in magnetism, no matter how much you try to break free.

Karmic imprints are specific emotionally traumatizing experiences that one carries  in their celllular memory (even across incarnations) as low frequency imprints.

Cellular imprints, however are live. At the quantum level they are constantly sending and receiving signals (via electric and magnetic particles) to the energy matrix they are connected to (that’s your soul matrix).

This is why you will keep experiencing similar traumas to the orignial. You are an electromagnetic being in an electromagnetic universe, and much like an antenna, you will draw unto you frequencies that match what you’re sending out.

This is why we say the world acts like a mirror. The outside world mirrors back to you, through relationships and experiences, the frequency of your inner world/ energy.

Carl Jung wasn’t wrong when he said,

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Cellular imprint release requires a sort of time travel that transcends ordinary levels of consciousness. In this way, Karmic Imprint Release resemble Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

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