How to talk to Higher Self

how to talk to higher self

If you want to know how to talk to your Higher Self and be mentored by it, it helps to learn how to establish dialogue. First contact must be made.

A great way to do this is through what I call the Higher Self Spell (see image above).

I created this spell many, many moons ago. It grew out of a spell I used to say when I was first Awakening and I needed a Bridge to help me make good decisions because I was so f*cked up from having all my chakras blown open. 

how to talk to higher self

This is a more refined version of that old spell and it works like a charm. Every single time.

I’ll give you an example. When I was looking for an apartment last month, I came across an ad that looked too good to be true.

My hunch said it was probably a scam but I also don’t want to close myself off to opportunities that I might have created or magnetized to myself either. If you’ve done any magick work, you’ll know that there are Trickster energies abound out there, and while everything may *eventually* serve the light, who needs unnecessary Trickster Drama? I sure don’t. Talking to your Higher Self can protect you from this.

When you don’t have a reliable way of testing your intuition, there can be a fine line between “trusting the universe” and opening yourself up to manipulation.

In the case of the new apartment, I talked to my Higher Self.

I said, Higher Self, if this apartment is a scam, then I will know within 10 hours”.

The next morning I received a sketchy email from the person at the other end of the ad. My intuition led me to do a quick google search and sure enough, others had reported similar emails and ads as being scams.

Within 8 hours, I had my answer, just like I had commanded.

When you’re talking to Higher Self in this way, it helps to give a timeframe. This not only helps you get answers more quickly but adds a little more security.

If I get a response within the timeframe, I KNOW I can trust it as a real sign coming from my HS. If the solution or answer comes outside that timeframe, I disregard it.

It’s really important that you stick to your timeline. You have to respect your own command to Higher Self if you want to reinforce your mentorship.

It’s very similar to working with Spirit Guides. If you don’t trust the information that your Guides give you, or in this case, what your Higher Self gives you, then you’re not going to help the relationship to grow. The connection won’t get stronger.

So, make sure to use the timeframe (within 123).  This is a great security feature and over the years my HS knows it has to work within a timeframe.

It helps to give realistic timeframes, though. Don’t expect an answer within 1 hour unless you are really stumped for time and need to make a decision. Even then, you’ll be surprised.

Remember, too that not getting a sign is also a sign. For instance, your command to Higher Self is this:

“If this is the right house for me to buy, then my brother calls me within the next 24 hours.” If you get no phone call, that means the house isn’t the right one.

Respect your Higher Self and it will continue to mentor you and dialogue with you, in its own language, for years to come.  So that’s a really simple way to talk to your Higher Self. What do you think? How do you talk to your Higher Self? Have you tried a similar method? I’d love to know in the comments 🙂

xx with Love on your Journey

how to talk to higher self