How to Red-Pill Responsibly

You know the world is starting to wake up when the word Red Pill, taken from the movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves, becomes a verb in the vernacular.

If you are still unclear however what red-pilling is all about, let me sum it up for you.

What is Red-Pilling?

To red pill someone is to drop truth-bearing facts about this planet’s holographic controller’s matrix on someone who is still programmed or ‘asleep’ to these facts.

That person’s programming keeps them comfortably pacified, safe and taken care of by their nanny governments, politicians, health officials and leaders, no matter how corrupt they appear to be. The more rules, the more they may feel protected.

So, being confronted with factual information that directly opposes their world view can be life-shattering. Their psyche can have a very tough time processing or ‘swallowing’ this new information, so much so that they experience ‘cognitive dissonance’.  When someone is in cognitive dissonance, their strongly held beliefs (programming) cloud their rational thinking.

Cognitive dissonance acts a coping mechanism to prevent a person from rejecting the familiar beliefs that make them feel safe. Accepting new thoughts that oppose their world view can be too painful for the ego personality. Re-programming is a difficult and uncomfortable endeavour, and the psyche knows this.

In the movie The Matrix, Neo is given the choice to learn the truth, from which he can never turn back, or take the blue pill, not learn the truth and return to his programmed life of normalcy and status quo.

When our Hero takes the red pill, he ventures to learn the truth and go ‘down the rabbit’ hole to learn the whole story.

Red-Pilling and Awakening

In our modern life, Awakening to certain truths about widespread corruption, anti-human globalist agendas, weather manipulation, secret space programs, biochemical warfare and deliberately plotted coup d’états of otherwise sovereign nations may also lead to Spiritual Awakening.

Becoming aware of the controller’s matrix often coincides with a direct experience of ‘realization’- the essence of the soul.

The great paradox of course is, until you experience what Awakening is at the level of being, you cannot understand that you are asleep, or programmed.

That is why people who are still programmed use the word ‘conspiracies’. They have not yet become Awakened, viscerally, at a level of being, to these truths. It is all still theoretical to them and they just can’t wrap their minds around it.

But make no mistake, once you have swallowed the red-pill, you can never go back.

A Caveat to Red-Pilling

Here’s another caveat. Simply being exposed to red-pill information will not ‘wake you up’.

As already discussed, Cognitive Dissonance generally creates a lot of inner resistance that prevents people from becoming aware of their programming.

Now add to this an active agenda on this planet to keep people from Awakening out of their programming. (Explaining why this is the case is beyond the scope of this article, but stay with me).

The mainstream media is complicit in this hidden agenda (What kind of global agenda would be effective without propaganda?) So as long as you are dealing with someone who trusts the mainstream media, you have another layer of programming to break through.

The bottom line is, if you are trying to red-pill someone and you want to be effective, you should aim to be strategic about it.

It’s also important to do it responsibly. If you don’t, you may cause someone to experience more fear or psychological distress than is necessary for them to Awaken. You don’t want to be making people ‘tip over’.

You also want them to ‘keep going down the rabbit hole’ so you need to present information rather shrewdly.  Don’t shock them so badly that they refuse to accept any more information that could otherwise help them wake up further.

The rest of this article was therefore written as a guide to red-pilling someone responsibly and strategically. Use it well.


Step 1. Know your audience

There are different approaches to redialing considering who you’re talking with. Be sure to assess your audience before you start dropping any red pills.

What’s their age group? How conventional are they? Some older people have been living programmed lives for more years than younger people and will be ‘tough nuts to crack’. They might not want to hear any new information.

Others might never have grown out of their TieDie from the 1960s and will be more open. Still others might be dyed-in-the-wool scientists, sceptics or stoics. Then there are those with stiff religious programming who have their own internal fight going on and who may use the conversation to try to convert you to their way of thinking.

Dip into your intuition and ask yourself, what are going to be my barriers as I present information here?

Also, are they receptive? Have they shown you that they might be open to having their brains crack open a little? Do you see a glimmer of light behind the eyes? Do they listen to you when you speak to them (about other topics) or are they dismissive of you?

These are the people you focus on. Don’t waste your breath with relatives or colleagues who think they know more than you. You won’t get through.

If you’re the black sheep in the family, you might struggle to get any point across without it going into the crazy bin.

Step 2. Be Humble

When you’re red-pilling, try not to come off as a know-it-all. Be mindful of your tone and inflection lest you insinuate that your audience is stupid or ignorant.

Remember that you have been mulling this information around in your brain for years by now. That gives you an advantage but it doesn’t make you better than someone else.

Guard against being glib, nonchalant or dismissive.  Avoid digging in your heels because you need to be right, and make sure you don’t reduce any arguments into simplistic black and white terms. None of this will help you.

If you want someone to come back to you as a source of knowledge, they need to feel comfortable doing so.

That won’t work if they feel uninformed, stupid, talked down to. Remember you are presenting information that is going to make people feel very uncomfortable.

Don’t give them another reason to shoot the messenger. You want them focused on the message instead.

Step 3. Create DOUBT

This is one of the most important things to remember.

Remember your end-game when you are red-pilling- and that should be seeding doubt.

You want to create enough doubt that the other starts to ask questions. If you can do this, you have successfully offered someone a red-pill and the option to go down the rabbit hole.

The onus then is on them to want to know more, and if you’re lucky, they may even come to you for help. You will then be the source of articles and documentaries to help them re-build a more informed and holistic world view.

The idea is to open people’s minds, not to blast their heads off with a bazooka.

Don’t say that there is an agenda for digital chipping via vaccination- this is too big of a leap for most people. Instead leave a trail of breadcrumbs of FACTS that they can swallow. You can, for instance:

-show evidence of the law, passed in 1984, that keeps Big Pharma from being liable for any negative side effects of a vaccine

-corral figures presenting pharma’s tendency to rush vaccines through rigorous testing due to how expensive they are to develop.

-question who benefits when vaccines are sold in large quantities to governments and hospitals, for instance for flu season, the HPV vaccine, or H1N1

-refer to large settlement cases to seed doubt about the effects of some vaccines

send someone a copy of a book by Robert Jr. F. Kennedy or Judy Mikovitz and let them do their own due diligence

This is the kind of approach that can open up someone’s mind that vaccines might not be as well regulated as they could be.

Get them asking questions. If you can do this, that’s a small but important White Hat win.

The rest of this guide is still being written. The whole guide will be available for purchase for $5 USD when it is complete. 

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