How to Channel a High Level Source: A Complete Guide to Great Channelling



Learning how to channel a High-level source is as much an art as it is a profound service to humanity. In this article, I’ll be giving you my top 7 guidelines to learning how to become a great channeller. Enjoy!

As mentioned in Part 1 of this article, my experiences with channeling taught me a lot about discernment of different energies and telepathic sources. As is customary when learning to channel, I first began experimenting with automatic writing in 2008.

I very quickly became frustrated with the process as I couldn’t predict with any certainty, what kind of information would come through.

My experiences ranged from writing down things that were somewhat helpful, to those that seemed helpful but in fact said nothing practical, and even sometimes where the messages were hurtful and fear-inducing.

Many times when I sat down to try automatic writing, I’d end up throwing the pen or notebook across the room after about one page, clearly seeing patterns emerge:



  • the message would start off lofty and spiritual sounding, with contrived language, yet quickly disintegrated into meaningless drivel

  • the tone of the messages reeked of sycophancy, insincerity, obfuscation, and sometimes maliciousness

  • there emerged contradictions that wouldn’t stand up to logical scrutiny

  • a lack of practical substance or helpfulness 

Thankfully, I had good common sense in these early years and I quickly abandoned attempting to channel until I could raise my vibrational frequency. 

There is also the matter of the veil being thicker back then than it is today and more Archon activity back then attempting to confuse Starseeds like myself who had not yet firmly landed on the 5D grid. This was part of their attempts to thwart the reaching of Critical Mass for needed to ensure Ascension.

So began my spiral journey to learn how to channel properly during those times.

I learned that it was important to be discerning about who/ what I was channeling and that not every source or voice that I could hear clairaudiently deserved a platform. In parallel, I was also learning the importance of curating my social circle based on people’s vibrations and psychic energy.

As I became a clearer channel, I started to get approached by several ET groups asking me to be their Ambassador in the public sphere. I quickly realized that I didn’t wish to give over any of my energetic LIGHT to these beings, nor did I want to be a mouthpiece for any disinformation or ‘false light’ that could mislead other Starseeds or jeopardize Ascension in any way.

Although now Ascension is assured since we have reached Critical Mass in 2018, the risk of disinformation is still relevant. The veil now is much thinner and it’s become much easier to channel and more people are doing it.

I hope these few guidelines I have learned along the way help you to better regulate your telepathic antennae to ensure you’re tuning into a quality “station”.

#1 Know your ‘why’ before you start

There’s something to be said for being ready and willing to reciprocate in your channelling.  Do not enter into a channeling relationship lightly. Much like working with a muse, you need to show a level of commitment to receive gifts of inspiration or knowledge. If you ask to connect to your Higher Learning Guides or Master Guides, make sure you are ready! Master guides expect a certain level of diligence from you. You’ll be asked to carry out what they help you with. They are guides, remember, and will not do the work for you.

Making a commitment also helps to clarify your own reason for channelling. Since there are many beings who like hearing themselves speak or want to be seen as important, be aware of sources who want you to be their mouthpiece in the world. Don’t be fooled into doing this; it should always be a conscious choice. 

Being clear on WHY you want to channel is the only way you can assure that the sources coming through match your intentions. And they need to match, otherwise you leave yourself open to manipulation and energy leaks. This is really important. You should have a clear purpose for channeling. Ask yourself why you are doing it.

This leads us to Guideline #2

#2 Channeling for benefit of Humanity vs for Ego desires

If you want to channel material for because you want to know how to win the lottery or gain a competitive edge in your industry or simply because you want to feel superior and more powerful than others by opening up psychic powers, let’s say, you are asking for trouble. That almost ensures that you will transmit a signal that attracts a source in the lower astral (4D) realms.

On the other hand, if you genuinely desire to bring forward higher dimensional information to serve humanity, this is a worthy cause for channeling and this pure service-to-others intention will help to attract a high level source.

Just make sure you’re not spreading disinformation. That means you need to be able to look at the material objectively. Does it make objective sense? Can it be corroborated with other reputable, established Sources? Your Source may come forward with new information that has never been said before, but generally it will fit into a rubric that is familiar among other channellers. If you can’t corroborate any of the information coming through, it’s still your moral responsibility to ‘shit-test’ it. This leads us to Guideline #3

#3 What’s the RESONANCE?

Does the material coming forward resonate with your heart frequency? Does it FEEL good when it ‘lands’? How about ease of transmission. Do you fall asleep while you are attempting to channel? This is a good indication that you’ve reached a high frequency source. Sometimes we may need to work incrementally with a source until we can raise our vibration high enough to be accurate and to have stamina.

What I like to do also is create a ‘doorbell’ for the source coming through. This works really well. My doorbell is, the source has to be able to ‘ping’ my heart. I need to feel a warm, fuzzy, expansive love or joy before we begin channeling. This is my fail-safe mechanism for shit-testing the resonance of a source before I offer up any of my time or energy to a new telepathic source. Remember, vibration doesn’t lie.

Be firm at the beginning and explain to your source why you are doing it. Don’t worry, this kind of resonance can’t be faked.  If your source can’t comfort you or validate this request through feeling, then that’s reason to be asking more questions about their intentions and integrity.

#4 Check your mood

Don’t attempt to channel when you’re feeling low, depressed, anxious, insecure, angry, resentful, shameful or while you are emotionally detoxing.

We live in a magnetic universe and the Law of Attraction is always working. If you are currently transmitting a low-vibe signal, it’s going to be very difficult for you to match yourself to a Higher dimensional being or collective. Needing anxieties to be soothed by channeling sets the tone for beings who are sycophantic and quite willing to soothe your ego.

Come back to it at a later date when you’re feeling upbeat and less ‘needy’.

#5 Make an appointment

This rule is a little more fluid depending on how often you channel and how experienced you are. But when you are first beginning and say with to establish a new relationship with a Higher Dimensional source, I recommend having a weekly set time when you’re going to channel.

Furthermore, having a set appointment time is really effective for forming a rapport with a Higher Dimensional being with whom you have a soul contract.

Many of us have Higher Dimensional beings as guides in this lifetime, especially if we are healers, teachers and energy workers.  At some point in your life, the Guide might approach you to begin your work to channel together. A good way to foster the relationship and improve your channeling skills is to meet regularly. This keeps both your channeling muscles and the connection with your guide strong.

Sticking to a set time each week will show respect both for your Higher Dimensional guide and your spiritual growth as you continue to ‘show up’.

One ‘red flag’ that I discovered throughout the years is an unexpected voice showing up when you’ve set down to channel your Higher Self, say, or a trusted guide or HD being. Having a set appointment where you build rapport channeling the same source helps to deter this.

If you just sit down to channel without the appointment time, there’s a higher chance that any energy can just swoop in to take up the space when you are ‘open’. This can happen despite your best intentions.

Some sources can even ‘piggyback’ onto a frequency once you’ve opened the door. So you might begin channeling one source, and suddenly the station is hijacked by a lower vibrational source.

This used to happen to me a lot when I first started channeling without a set time because I wasn’t used to keeping my vibration so high for long periods of time. This is what I mean by ‘once the door is open, anything can just fly in.’

If you have a weekly appointment with a trusted source, that Higher Vibrational being can help protect the portal you have opened, especially as you become more connected through the Heart over time. This will naturally raise your vibration to be able to connect more easily to your trusted source and ‘keep the line clear’ from any interference.

#6 Examine the content of your messages

As a rule, the higher quality writing and logical presentation, the higher your channeled source.

When you first begin channelling, look out for contradictions in the messages. If your source says something about you ‘going through a tough time recently’ but you haven’t been, that’s a red flag. If you get a sentence that directly contradicts something said earlier in the message, that’s a red flag, too.

High vibrational sources provide consistent high quality content.  There won’t be any logical contradictions, nor will the information feel ‘off’ in regards to your personal life.

It takes a while to learn to keep the portal open and still hold logical discernment while you’re channeling, but don’t give up. This is a skill that can be learned.

Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of your questions and your level of interaction. In my experience, High level sources like to be ASKED difficult questions and prefer interactive channeling.

The frequency of your questions will dictate the level of your source. Questions for the benefit of humanity tend to draw in collectives while personal questions will draw in your personal guides.

A High level source will give you content that will help as many people as possible, not just yourself.

A High level source will, however, answer personal questions when the answers help your spiritual growth. This is because they see the big picture: that your own growth contributes to the benefit of all humankind.

Another red flag in terms of content is flattery, sycophancy and ego-boosting. You shouldn’t expect to hear promises you that you’re going to be famous one day from a High level source.

If you are channeling with your Guides, they might tell you how well you are doing or how powerful you are as a Sovereign Creator Being, especially if you HAVE been doing well. But this is different than hearing you’re here to ‘save the world’ or that you’re going to be a millionaire one day. Be very wary of these kinds of messages meant to trick you into an alliance.

A high-level source will have no reason to try to gain your approval or attention. If you look at people like Lee Carroll (Kryon) or Esther Hicks (Abraham) who channel in front of large audiences, they will tell you that at the beginning, no promises were made.

In fact, the HD being was committed just to helping the channel be a better channel, raise their vibration, and teach them things they needed to know in order to channel material further down the road for humanity. It was a mentoring process, not “you’re going to be famous- are you ready?” schtick.

#7 Check the delivery

The last guideline has to do with HOW the information comes in. This is a tell-tale sign of whether you’re channeling a High-level source. Information that is slow, arduous, and word-for-word is most likely not coming from a high-level.

On the other hand, information that comes ‘in blocks’, like digital downloads, are usually trustworthy. This has to do with vibration, again.

As you raise in vibration, you open up your digital telepathy, or ‘claircognizance’. This is the ability to download information in large chunks.

In my case, I get ‘light packets’, which are essentially digital ‘files’. Once I zone in on the light packet that I’ve sensed, it will unpack, revealing its entire contents in milliseconds. Many advanced channellers receive information in this way.

So what to do if you encounter interference by lower vibrational sources in your channelling sessions?

I suggest quickly cutting off contact and making it clear why (you recognize they are not a high level source and they are wasting your time).  Make it very clear to them that you are not interested in channeling them and tell them, in the Name of Your Sovereign Divine Self, not to contact you any more.

Meanwhile, I suggest you follow recommendations for working on raising your vibration through shadow work, creative play and being out in nature. You can take a break from channelling, too, if you’re starting to get discouraged or frustrated, and pick it up again later.

These are my tips for vetting a channeled source. If you’ve enjoyed this article, why not give it a like or a share?

Do you channel? If so, do you vet your channelled sources? I’d love to hear your tips for vetting a channeled source in the comment section!