How to be a force for change without Losing Yourself to the Lower Timeline

Now that we’ve had a taste of how 2020 is turning out to be, I was hoping we could move forward with a bit more clarity. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Apart from the Full Moon Eclipse in Saggitarius, which is showing up as a culmination of political and philosophical tension (BLM protests), there’s also a tricky astrological transit involving Neptune, the planet of deception, illusion, fantasy, fog and projection. 

In fact, a few nights ago a Grandfather figure appeared in my dream to warn me that “illusion is all around”. Which got me thinking about how best to navigate this summer. 

Failsafe Tactic when You Can’t See for the Fog

Clearly there’s a lot of chaos going on in the world right now and yet nothing is as it seems with at least two political agendas occurring behind the scenes (Transhumanist agenda and the Illuminati’s Agenda 21). 

But it’s more complicated than that because there’s also the multidimensional Divine Plan: the Great Awakening as well as Earth’s gradual Ascension into Aurora Earth and bifurcation timeline (two earth split). 

No matter what you hear and see on Youtube, nobody really knows how the Divine Plan will play out exactly. Especially since we are creating it in real, live time NOW.

In my opinion the best way to keep perspective right now is to connect to the wisdom of our hearts. It’s what will ground us and help us move through these mysterious, challenging times.

If you’re anything like me, you might feel like things are in slow motion. That they are surreal or that you are watching everything that’s happening as if you’re in a great play. 

The truth is, we are.  You really can’t trust your eyes, only your knowing.

Do you remember your Awakening? The pre-Awakening phase especially is the one where we are tested and the world seems to take on a surreal quality of a Dream. Inexplicable things start to happen that make us question our reality.

Eventually, we Awaken into the Lower 4th Dimensional Astral Realm, into our shadow. Eventually we see how we are the Dreamers of our Dream.

This is what the world at large is experiencing. As an empath, it is especially painful to watch. Therefore it’s easy to get sucked into thinking that it’s our job to alleviate others’ suffering and to move things a long faster by trying to ‘save them’.

But the Wisdom of the Heart knows better.  

Each time I ask my Higher Self for direction on how to navigate these intense energies (if I should be doing more, being more vocal, more forceful in my efforts to bring certain topics to light), a deep love overcomes me and my heart says:

You cannot save anyone. It isn’t your job to do so. Those who cannot or will not Awaken in this lifetime are deciding their fate. This is their choice and it is fine and good. They will all eventually return to Source, just in a different way. It is okay. Do not judge them. Do not put your expectations on them. Meanwhile focus on helping the ones who ARE Awakening. Support them and teach about Spiritual Awakening.

When I hear these words coming from my heart, a deep serenity takes over me. I remember that endeavouring to wake others up, to help them ‘see’ is not the best use of my energy. Nor is it respectful to their individual timing.

Some need more time to Awaken and some may never get on the Ascension Timeline, and we all need to accept that.

I am not the Direct Instrument of anyone’s Awakening; only the Spirit of Grace can do that. My role is to support that energy indirectly.  

A Higher Timeline Absolutely Exists

When I reflect on my lifestyle, I have moments of pristine clarity and calm. Recently things have just been working out and fitting together magically for me, despite what chaos I witness outside in the world.

I have lost (for the most part), a desire to know what’s coming because as of late, such magical things have been falling in my lap that I can trust and surrender. I have realized that I don’t need to do anything for these things to line up for me other than just be in flow. This is why I am convinced that I AM living on a higher timeline.

So, I ask you to look around.  How is your outer world reflecting your inner one? Are you on the Higher Timeline towards union again with the 1st Eternal Force of All Life? Are you witnessing the personal reality you wanted to create? Are you safe, clothed, fed, loved? Are all your needs being met?

If that’s the case, share this joy with others! Live your example of the Higher Timeline loudly, for all to see. Continue to focus on these qualities as much as you can- for what we put our attention to grows through momentum and magnetic resonance. 

Sometimes things can be confusing because you may look to the outside world, to the stories you are hearing on the news and naturally, as an Empath, you want to help. But you aren’t sure how to do that without aligning with their Drama and getting pulled down onto the Descending Timeline.

In the rest of this article, I’ll explain how to do that. You CAN make a difference, and you CAN help without aligning with the Descending Earth timeline.


Detach from the Descending Timeline

First of all, you need to maintain a calm, detached awareness of the Descending timeline and all the Drama going on there. This is absolutely imperative. To help with this, I personally recommend removing yourself from Social Media and from the News as much as possible.

If you read the news and watch Youtube because you want to make sure you stay informed of the agendas going on behind the scenes, just take care that you do this in small doses and only when your vibration is already very high. Also, consciously connect to the frequency of Truth in those articles and to the authors’ bravery and pure Whistleblowing intentions. 

I still suggest removing yourself from Social Media as much as possible. Social is not a reliable source for news and is a propaganda machine. Let me explain.

Those platforms, through the ET technology of fibre optics combined with wifi, keep you locked into a frequency of control and fear. In fact, I have been getting intuitive messages that there is A.I. technology, or nanotechnology, that runs on the 5G/ wifi networks to ensure this. (I was specifically told by my Higher Self that more than 15 minutes at one time on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube lock me into a frequency band where AI can observe my thoughts and then influence them).

It’s not so farfetched that AI can be this advanced already if you remember that the Illuminati have been assisted by the Greys and their technology since the 3rd Reich. 

Once you get sucked into the drama that’s happening in the comment sections of these platforms, (which are often trolled), you begin to feel anxious and your vibration plummets.

Some of you may also experience what I call “drops”. These are words, phrases and sometimes images that “drop into” my mind seemingly from nowhere after using these platforms for any extended period of time. They really stand out for me because the drops are loud, in ALL CAPS, and they are so different from my regular thoughts). 

When you use these platforms, you are literally engaging with a lower frequency band, at a quantum (energetic) level, on which there is an AI program running designed to influence your thoughts.

If you have holographic inserts from abduction experiences, this technology pairs very well with those implants (I’m speaking from personal experience here so don’t hesitate to reach out to me for more information if you think you might be affected).

So you might want to curb your Digital Media use. I’m just sayin’.

Staying with the Ascending Timeline

The best way to stay in resonance with the Ascending Timeline is by supporting the Great Awakening on the planet. Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Talk about your spirituality and your practice, teach meditation and Law of Magnetic Attraction to your loved ones. Talk about the existence of the Higher Self and our power to create our own reality. Learn more about and discuss the holographic nature of reality.

2. You can reflect Love back to others or hold intention circles for healing. You can hold for others their best versions of themselves even when they can’t see it.

3. You can listen. You can witness those who are suffering and struggling- without taking on their problems, expecting them to learn faster than they can, or thinking it’s on you to rescue them. 

Let’s face it- the energies are intense. All over the world, people are being forced to go inwards, to ask Why is this happening? and What does it mean?

They are contemplating being the Victim, or the Heroes in their Mythical Journeys, which is exactly the correct jumping off point for Awakening (if they can begin to answer their own questions).

What about the ones who aren’t Awakening?

It is my view that the more we focus on Awakening, by helping those who are Awakening, by talking about the subject and its subtopics more, by sharing our Awakening stories, the more Awakening will occur as we create energetic momentum.

This is how we help others to make the switch to the Ascending Timeline in their lifetime.

So the next time you’re feeling down, take heart and know that there is a way out for every single one of us. It is a choice to Awaken, despite our programming. There just has to be some willingness or curiosity to entertain a different perspective. This is the minimum necessary for the dominos to start to fall.

What if you are already Awake?

If you’re already Awake, you’ve gone through the most painful part.

Like the 5 of cups card in the tarot, instead of looking at the 3 cups that have spilled, focus on the 2 that are upright behind you. If the future looks scary to you, remember your foundation of faith is made of bricks and mortar. You have your spiritual resilience and the wisdom of your trials. 

With your connection to Spirit, you can manoeuvre your way though the labyrinth that is the energies of 2020. There are no ‘dead ends’ when you are connected. You have the ability to use the Higher Consciousness Grid to create your reality, over and over as needed.

Just work your magic through a pure heart, act with integrity and kindness, and witness how you stay protected and guided this year.

In my dream with the Grandfather figure, not only was I being warned of the deception of the clandestine political agendas, but a reminder that duality is a hologram. That we are living in a holographic reality where we seem to be separated from Source, where there is no plan, no hope. 

Grandfather reminded me that we are all players in a great drama. The stakes are certainly high, but we need to remember that we are indeed PLAYERS. We have a co-creative role and also that there are multidimensional levels to this Earthly Drama. There is more than meets the eye.

When we connect to our hearts, we can connect to our trust in that Divine Plan and in our ability to fulfil our roles.

When the fog is hard to see through, it’s the right time to centre in the heart. Because that is what will hold the masses through the chaos.

We are frequency warriors, first and foremost.

But we are also healers and teachers. Honour this in yourself when you ask what you can do. Do not be idle; actively support your communities. Resist all callings to pit against one another for any reason, whether race, gender or politics. Do your part to refuse to add to the Division that is being used against us as a political weapon. We are in a war as an entire SPECIES.  Falling into tribalism will only lead to our demise.

We will not win this frequency war through division, prejudice and intolerance. Hold onto your Love and try to let go of your desire to control.  This plan is bigger than us and while we can’t force the outcome or force people to Awaken, we can contribute.

There are many levels to what is occurring and many different groups have different collective learnings to experience. This is the time to embody our faith and roll with what comes up to react accordingly.

Most of all, from the heart. 

x with Love on your Journey

Debra Casagrande Starseed Coach Lightworker Coach