Is There Such Thing as Evil? A Metaphysical Conversation

“Higher Self, is there such a thing as evil?”

As you’ve also seen in the Edgar Cayce material, there is no such thing as an evil force. Love is the energy behind ALL OF LIFE.

When you are ‘in flow’ you are At One With the frequency of goodness in all things, and you know that flow to be pure LOVE. But if you are not aligned with this loving Source energy, then you create from a vibrational state of disempowerment or despair, and often even unconsciously from your societal or familiar programming. 

Humans, in their acting out of their WILL, choose to do evil or good (life-promoting) things. They are faced with choices on this planet. There are myriad ways for a human to live their life. How they choose to live is a direct result of the consciousness level of that human.

A very awakened, conscientious being will choose in accordance with their own personal core values.

They like the feeling of alignment that comes with making choices that are congruous with their inner beliefs. This makes them feel good and that they are taking an active part, exerting a kind of individual stamp on their social or physical environment. It feels like they are ‘doing good’.

Alternatively, those who are not conscientious or Awakened are simply REACTING to stimuli and may live primarily to soothe impulsive desires that arise out of basic instincts.

“You mean what we call being ‘stuck’ in the matrix?”

Yes. They have not awakened yet to their creator abilities in this dimension.

Basic emotional drives and circuitry 

These basic impulses derive from the emotional circuits within the human brain. Humans have circuitry for basic emotional drives such as fear, panic, rage, pleasure seeking, play and lust.

When you are not Awakened, when you are not conscientiously acting out your will, then you are a slave to your circuitry.

A person is only enlightened when s/he can rise above these emotional impulses and regulate them with their WILL.

This is why it’s considered difficult to achieve excellence. Whether that be very fit bodies, to win contests in bodybuilding, or to win prizes in literature and sciences, it takes very concentrated effort to be very good at what you. Excellence does not happen overnight and not without a very intense amount of training and dedication. This is what it means to exert the WILL. You consciously apply your mind or body to a task, usually for the purpose of fulfilling a future goal.

When you are not doing this, surely you do not achieve any kind of memorable greatness. You stumble around. You react (often badly) to circumstances for you have not attained any degree of wisdom. If you had wisdom them you would carefully DECIDE on the actions to take in all situations. Those decisions would be in line with the outcome that you’re trying to CREATE. You would also then attempt to follow through to the best of your ability with your WILL.

This is what it means to be Awake. You are consciously taking part in your embodiment through your decisions on how to behave and where to apply yourself. Not purely acting from your circuitry, as animals do.

Humans have this formidable distinction to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE that which they wish to experience. They have complex brains that allow them to conceptualize the future, think abstractly and strategize for this purpose. They needn’t be slaves to their impulses or circuitry as animals are (wired).  Animals’ purpose is to act as energetic balancers, not creators. That’s why they don’t have the same ‘equipment’.

“So evil is less about impulse and more about intent?”

Humans are very clever and because they are constantly processing and interpreting their environment, it doesn’t take long to identify that opportunities exist to lie, cheat, manipulate or destroy.  To take part in these activities, through ACTION, is what constitutes what you term “evil”. Yet, we iterate, there is no evil force that exists outside of human activity.

“What about soldiers who are ‘just following orders?”

A very good question. Let us take a more extreme example than working soldiers to make the point clearer. Let us refer to the era of the Third Reich when people committed horrendous violence against other people. Looking at that time we learned that humans were too weak to go against the grain to do what is morally right. They did things for fear of being persecuted themselves if they did not follow orders. This is moral weakness. It is cowardice in the face of evil. 

“But Is it evil or is it ‘merely’ morally reprehensible?”

Going along with evil beause one is afraid of the consequences is reckless and negligent and very, very bad for oneself and society! But most importantly it IS evil because of the willful choice to NOT stop the evil act. You have participated in evil and allowed it to perpetuate through willful ignorance.

You see, evil is not a force that exists outside of human exertion.  When people act out in malevolence, when they consciously choose to manipulate, cheat, steal, lie, act destructively, or even when they turn a blind eye against it, they are engaging their own WILL to conjure this evil. 

“What about people who commit crimes of passion? What if there is no intent?”

Generally, inside, you KNOW if you are doing something bad. A part of you knows. Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s when you push that part down and you do it anyway, that is evil. You ignore the voice of your Inner Being that says “no, this isn’t a good idea.” 

If the person knows what they are doing is wrong and continues to do it, that is malevolence, that is evil. When the person is acting unconsciously, either from a program of despair or victimization or intense trauma, this is unconscious, reckless behaviour and it is not good for society. It demonstrates a weakness of will and spirit. This is moral laziness. However, acting out malevolence still constitutes what you term “evil”. It is the human ACT of following an impulse.

“Yes, but where does the impulse come from? Where do the thoughts to do evil things come from?”

There are such things as collective thoughtforms, or non-physical energies who, when grown big enough and gather enough momentum, can take possession of a human body when the WILL of that individual isn’t strong enough to resist possession, such in the case of severe drug addiction and very weak moral will. The spirit to ‘act good’ is not strong enough to resist the energy of the momentum created by constantly giving energy to lower vibrational thoughts and feelings.

“So, there IS evil!”

We mean being “possessed” or influenced by your own negative thoughts and emotions. This is what we are talking of. There is a broad spectrum of human emotional states that can be experienced on earth, as you are well aware.

Humans have the free will to have these thoughts. It is what they create with them that constitutes ‘evil’. This free will to have and also see the effects of lower vibrational thoughtforms are meant to be instructional.

As it has often been said, “it is by seeing what you don’t want that you figure out what you do want”. This is how humans are creating life on earth. Through their choices of what they want and don’t want. 

In the Higher Densities, beings are much more adept at creating their realities. But to be able to ascend to these higher densities, they first had to prove their allegiance to the Law of One. This means to accept no polarities or disharmony, but only that One is Light & Love.  This is different than on your earth where there is much polarity. 

Before you can Ascend up the densities to return into the One of the Sophia Kryst, and before you can become immortal, you must first merge your will with the One. 

There is, however, even among very intelligently advanced species, still the desire and WILL to do harm. This is something that is not widely known on your planet. This is a very complex discussion, however and beyond the scope of this article.

I now leave you and your readers to contemplate how using your WILL with intent can make your embodied experience more fulfilling, and how continuing to live without regard to your thoughts and feelings is the recipe for creating experiences (of suffering) that you do not want. 

You can choose to control your impulses to do harm, to feel disempowered and act from those feelings in such a way that does not elevate your emotional state. But when you are in a positive emotional flow, your experience begets more positive experiences. You stream positive emotions, which bring on more of the same in a future potentiality, according to the Law of Magnetic Attraction. 

There is no such thing as evil as a disembodied force or autonomous energy. Negative energy is what humans and other entities harness from allowing negative emotional states to rule their actions.

Those who consciously work at their emotional flow, who care enough to work on their energetic vibration, who work to keep their emotions high and positive are directing their energy and creating through their WILL. This is also called focused mind or focused attention. 

This is not unconscious! There are many opportunities throughout the day to become mired in self-doubt, in anger, in frustration, in impatience, in hate, greed and envy. It takes effort not to succumb to these same vibrations when others especially around you are wallowing in it.

So we say, continue to cultivate your energetic vibration to the point where you can choose your emotional state and then, keep at it.

Maintain your high vibration with your WILL to do so. Decide on it and then practice it.

The Importance of Meditation to cultivate the WILL

Meditation has been made known to humans because it is so useful. When done correctly, it trains your mind to quiet down, to calm the chatter of negative thoughts that precede negative emotions. If you can eliminate those thoughts, if you can override them by replacing them with better thoughts, if you can just sit in stillness, then you can experience the flow of Being, which is a very positive flow.

From here, as you practice, you begin to recognize when you are in this Positive State of Being. Then you can use the Positive State of Being as a yardstick, much like you’d use a needle on a gauge. When you’re not feeling in that same Positive State of Being, then you know something needs to shift.

You can only do this when you are Awake enough to be aware of your present emotional or energetic state. If you are too busy bumping into things, reacting unconsciously to all that is stimulating to you, you will not have the clarity to know when you must engage your WILL.

Meditation helps to bring forth the Higher Self, or the perspective of the Witness or Observer. It shifts the focus from the Lower Self, the entity that is concerned with physical survival and base emotional drives, to the Spiritual Self. Meditation creates space, through silence, for the Higher Self to make itself known to you. Meditation helps you to become more AWARE of your emotional and energetic states of Being.

From here you can exercise your WILL to choose between acts that are malevolent and acts that are more loving.

The only antidote to evil is spiritual refinement and conscious application of the WILL.