Ascension Update December 2019

Diamond Energies: Update for December 12, 2019


This update about the incoming energies came through as a Download. It is meant to be a little elliptical. As you focus on your understanding of the message, you’ll tap into it energetically, bypassing the conscious mind.


Starseeds, get ready for an upgrade! The energies coming at the 12-12-2019 Portal are rare and strong. They are being called “DIAMOND” energies.

The energies awakened through this portal ricochet off your crystalline DNA and Light Body awareness, resulting in a new vibration, UNIQUE to each individual.  The newly created combined vibration SLICES or CARVES the chakras into more integrity. This is done through the depth of sacred geometry and sound, specifically, the Keynote E.

In meditation, imagine the DIAMOND energies as laser beams of brilliant light that entrain your chakras into perfectly symmetrical geometric designs. These designs would be akin to CRYSTALLINE SNOWFLAKES.

Together with sound, these geometric forms BALANCE energy and help your chakras to more easily attune to the higher frequencies coming through the December portals. These shapes entrain the chakras to form new vibrational patterns within them.

These new vibrational patterns are what set the stage for new alchemical growth: new abilities coming online.

Your chakras should vibrate in new ways as a result of the entrainment with these DIAMOND codes. As your chakras align and resonate together, they’ll be further OPENED with the Diamond energies. 

Discomfort of blocks being dissolved or transmuted can be aided with: time alone, vocal toning, naps, crystal attunements, play, and quiet time outdoors. 

Your spiritual practice should be improved upon at this time. You’ll make progress in your spiritual disciplines and notice your chakras opening more. Evidence of this: new gifts coming online.

Many of you will begin to channel: lightcodes, light language, new figures coming into your awareness, new abilities to discern energy, heightened sensitivity to the environment and telepathy with the natural world.

Meditate on SNOWFLAKE shapes and on sound and light SLICING intricate patterns in crystalline or ice formations. You may imagine crop circles and think how they are formed through light and sound. You can also tone the Keynote E.

if you were to be able to see the codes first coming through the central sun, you would see liquid light CRYSTALLIZED into intricate snowflake patterns.

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  1. Thank you for this. It feels like a very exciting time, and now I have more insight and tools thanks to you 🙂