Diamond Energies and the Advent of a new Renaissance

Did you know that the Diamond Energies will help to bring about a New Renaissance?

The Diamond Energies traveling on the magnetic waves of the Galactic sun are expected to arrive at our solar gateway between the 10-12th of December, approximately. They shall intensify throughout the month and culminate just after the Solstice, between the 25th-27th of December amongst a backdrop of some very auspicious astrolgoical alignments. 

The Diamond Energies 2019-2021 Open up the Throat Chakra

Diamond energies will be available in increments (via portals/ periods of intense energy) until late December 2021.They are intended to expand perception and open channels of communication with GALACTIC frequencies, including ideas, concepts, energies and even communication with galactic beings) by working on the throat chakra.

The last two years allowed for more consciouness on the Earth as the masses were flooded with energies supporting the opening of their heart chakras. Now the masses have the same opportunity for activation of their throat chakras and come into truthful self-expression through an alingment with their core values.

For the already Awakened, there is opportunity to further develop the Throat chakra as an expression of leadership as they are encouraged to share their visions with the rest of humanity. 

The Diamond Energies are especially meant to help artists and scientists begin their GREAT WORK

Artists, scientists, visionaries, thinkers, technologists, speakers, teachers and healers will have the support of the Diamond energies in increments from the end of 2019 to the end of 2021.

For many of you, this will mean that you’ll download your GREAT IDEAS and also find the alignment energetically to execute them. You can do this most easily by attuning to the elevated frequency (of a balanced throat chakra) to express a Higher Truth for the benefit of humankind. It will also be a time to move towards modeling our truths and authenticity to others and away from ‘shoving them down people’s throats’. 

The effects of the Diamond Energies on the Throat chakra will help with: self-expression, stepping into our ENERGY via the alignment with our voice, contribution, teachings, methods, vision, etc.  We are coming upon a NEW renaissance portal. A new Age of Enlightenment for those who are ready/ who wish to align with this energy.

Will you be contributing to the New Renaissance?

You will know if you’re being called to come out of your ‘cave’ of self-imposed darkness to begin to SHARE your ideas through the following indicators:

  • a lot more ideas and very sticky ones, almost as if they are possessing you
  • friends and family recognizing in you your potential and encouraging you to make real your vision(s)
  • restlessness only satiated through creative work (in science, art or intellect)
  • dreams carrying new ideas and a feeling you’re tapping into/ being sent ideas from another plane of consciousness or another level of mind
  • a need for more stiumluation and engagement in art, books, thought and discussion
  • recgonizing in yourself a separate personality such as: artist, thinker, scientist, innovator, technologist, speaker, teacher, or visionary 

It is my prediction that we will witness a New Age of Enlightenment that shall begin in earnest after 2021.

You only have to look at the Intellectual Dark Web to see hints of this already. Now then we can expect a slow burgeoning of new ideas, emerging new talent and voices and a slow build up of momentum. The end of 2021 will bring us to the brink of real excitement as explosions of futuristic ideas come forward, never hitherto seen before.

A great thirst for evolvement exists now and the Diamond Energies support this. Engage with them. Shine bright “like a diamond”. Allow the energies to polish and refine your ideas as well as that PERSONALITY residing in you whose visions you’re meant to help enLIGHTen the world.

To make full use of the Diamond energies coming, you can prepare for them in 3 short steps

  1. Increase water intake to 2 L per day (water is needed as a conductor for electromagnetic energies)
  2. Get more quality rest & less Blue Light before bed. An early bedtime can prepare the brain to accept the new impulses once they arrive. Endocrine system should be well rested as it will be impaced in the biochemical changes that follow (when neurotransmitters act on the endocrine system via hormones). 
  3. Play. Increase your vibration through play. More joy, light, heartfelt laughter PLEASE. This will help you be most receptive to the Diamond energies although they are first arriving in winter (in the Northern Hemisphere). There’s an opportunity here to use the Winter holidays to experience the joy gift giving (especially to children) as a menas of raising your vibration to better assimliate the Solstice Light Codes. 

If you have any questions about this post that you’d like me to answer, please write them in the comments below!

x with so much Love on your Journey,

Debra Casagrande Starseed Coach Lightworker Coach


Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning






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