December 2020 Energy Report

As we enter December, the sign of Sagittarius, traditionally ruled by the Goddess Athena, this is the month to apply our knowledge into WISDOM. We are being called to stand as LIGHTHOUSES  (pillars of independent Source Light) now. So, do what you know is right but be in EQUANIMITY about it.



The themes for this month’s forecast are: WIDSOM, LIGHTHOUSE, & EQUANIMITY.  The Red Flags are CURRENT OF POLARIZATION & BOTTLENECK


Let’s dive in.

December 2020 Energy Report

Be the Light December 2020 Energy Report


For those of us standing as LIGHTHOUSES in the dark, we have been observing (for the most part) our external reality coming to a head in momentum. 2020 has not only been a year of trials and tribulations, but of Awakenings. As I have stated in my other Energy Reports, this trend will continue for the masses until 2030.


As the spiritual Teacher Matt Kahn says, everything helps. Meaning, everything helps bring on Awakening in the masses.


So while I know this is not what you want to hear (you want me to say things are going to get smoother and easier), that is not what I foresee in the months ahead.


People are evolving and shifting at their own pace. This is adding to the underlying CURRENT OF POLARIZATION. It’s hard to get along when people are in different stages of Awakening.


We are literally seeing a ‘sifting’ of people according to their frequency allegiances. This has to do with a separation of timelines in our greater collective.


This bifurcation of ascending and descending collective timelines will continue to build momentum until November 2023, when the split will occur, according to Emerald Guardian Founder E’Esha Ashayana Arhayas.


In the years leading up to 2023 we are being urged to decide which team we will join. We are literally fighting for our souls. Many are being called to Awaken now so they can make that choice consciously.



Great Solar Flash? December 2020 Energy Report

This month we have a rare Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21st. Some people are talking about a “Great Solar Flash” that will Awaken thousands of people on the planet to the transcendent nature of their souls and to the nefarious deeds of the elite ruling class.

Will this happen this December 21st, 2020?

This could very well be a possible outcome of this fated conjunction. It would certainly be the most optimistic of all scenarios and I think that putting time and energy into helping this manifest this would be time well spent.

Personally, I’m watching the events in my life line up like perfect toy soldiers ready for battle, I’m seeing a picture develop that looks like there will be a mass wave of Awakening. 

Remember the Energy Report asking the Light Warriors to GET INTO POSITION?

Makes sense if there’s going to be a wave of freshly red-pilled Awakened souls looking for LIGHTHOUSES.

So this is how I’m expecting 2021 to shake out. More and more people will be Awakening. More people feeling freaked out by the events in the external world. More people taking the Red Pill. More people going through crises of faith. More turning inwards to make sense of it all. More people leaving the planet.

Again, everything will help the Awakening, no matter how dark.

It’s how the game is played. The Dark is merely a tool for the Light and as Leonard Cohen sang, “the crack is where the light gets in”.

December 2020 Energy Report

This month I feel there will be palpable tension as we lead up to the solstice on December 21st when that rare astrological conjunction will occur.

There are also two eclipses this month. December Energy Report 2020

The full moon lunar eclipse today, Nov 30, 2020 in Gemini, the sign that governs relationships, and a new moon solar eclipse on Dec 14, 2020 in Sagittarius.


If tonight’s full moon eclipse affects you (and it won’t necessarily), you can expect an ending, possibly to a relationship. Full moon eclipses tend to ‘eclipse’ people OUT of your life. For me personally, this arose quite suddenly as an ending to a business partnership.


This eclipse may leave a vacuum in its wake. Don’t jump to fill it with anyone or anything else just yet because on December 14th, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse. That New Moon will portend new partnerships or beginnings.


My advice is to sit tight and wait to see how things begin to shape up. It’s too early to make any moves.

Believe me, I’m as uncomfortable with uncertainty as you are. It’s natural to want to make decisions quickly as soon as something drastic changes.

I’m saying, use your WISDOM and wait it out instead of acting impulsively. Wait for the universe to show you its designs. Sometimes it takes a while for your Higher Self to show you its hand. Stay vigilant for signs around the new moon on Dec 14. That’s when you need to be paying attention.

December 2020 Energy Report


Holiday on Lockdown

Meanwhile it’s the holiday season. We’ve never had a holiday season like this before, locked in our houses and told that we can’t visit family or gather in groups. This is going to be hard on many of us and our more extroverted friends and family members are going to be reaching out more than ever.

December 2020 Energy Report

What I’m feeling coming up for us empaths and starseeds is the necessity to honour our own boundaries and stand our ground. We need to stand as LIGHTHOUSES, or pillars of independent Source Light.

We can be LIGHTHOUSES of harmony, of justice, healthy boundaries, of standing our ground in our beliefs, and in making sure we are getting enough alone time.

We don’t have to be jerks about being LIGHTHOUSES. The challenge will be to remain in EQUANIMITY while we emanate a vibration of strength, of resolve, of integrity to our values without becoming insensitive, belligerent or saying things we cannot take back.

There will be an UNDERCURRENT OF POLARIZATION running through everything, as it been doing has all year. Don’t get dragged into this current or you’ll get swept down the river and before you know it things will have spun out of control. Relationships will be harder to mend after a big rift.

So choose your battles this month. Keep EQUANIMITY in mind before diving into any political debates. Hold your ground for the things that are most important to you and watch your delivery.

Additionally, as LIGHTHOUSES, or independent pillars of Source Light, this month will be about meeting our needs ourselves. We are moving away from co-dependency and expecting others to do what we want them to do. This is going to be the source of a lot of animosity or polarization.

Some people will not react well to us putting up a boundary if there wasn’t one there before. You may be gaslit by others flipping the tables and blaming you for putting up a boundary because they feel victimized by it.

Remember that’s their wound, not yours. Don’t be a jerk, but don’t coddle either, that won’t help them. EQUANIMITY is where we need to be. Straddling that very fine line between harm and healing.

December 2020 Energy Report


Be the Grownup in the Room

Being a LIGHTHOUSE this month also means you can’t expect people to give in to your needs or to meet them. This is the month to engage your WISDOM to be in a state of EQUANIMITY, avoid the UNDERCURRENT OF POLARIZATION, and get your own damn needs met.

Manage your expectations this holiday season. People are going to be acting strangely based on their reactions to what’s been going on in the world. They may not act kindly, or rationally, or generously. Give them space to work out their sh*t. Meet your own needs and stop expecting them to do that for you. They are in no psychological place to do so.

BE the source of light, not a parasite.

If you can’t hold compassionate space for them, take a step back and get some distance. Hold some healthy boundaries. Disengage. But do not get swept up in the UNDERCURRENT OF POLARIZATION.

Again, try to find your way back to EQUANIMITY. That could be through deep breathing, taking the dog out for a walk, dancing your heart out while baking Christmas cookies or soaking in the tub.

Empaths, this month you’ll need to find ways to stay calm and emanate a harmonious, joyful vibe. Do what you need to do. Like the oxygen mask rule, it’s your job to take care of #1 first.

For the more advanced of you, given the lockdowns, we will be the holiday cheer this year. We have been on the path long enough to be able to hold the vibration of joy despite the storm around us. Standing as LIGHTHOUSES in the eye of the storm, hold fast to your spiritual practice and feed your own joy.

December 2020 Energy Report

How to Red-Pill Responsibly

Red-Pills Everywhere

For those of you planning to red-pill your friends and family over the holidays, I urge you to do it responsibly.  For more on how to do that, read my Guide to Red-Pilling Responsibly.

I also suggest you take the Sagittarius M.O. and have some facts to back up your claims and use some discernment in how much you divulge.

Be mindful of people’s readiness for information and their tipping point. Return to EQUANIMITY. Can you drop a few truth bombs without getting dragged into the UNDERCURRENT OF POLARIZATION?

Drop your facts and then disengage. Allow your audience some time to chew on what you red-pilled them with.

Here, again, apply your WISDOM and know your audience.

Remember that it’s very difficult to wake up deeply programmed people. The best way to help Awaken is to leave breadcrumbs and not be so invested in turning people to your side that you dishonour their process.

Use your intuition. Railroading them with too much information is that UNDERCURRENT OF POLARIZATION working its divisive sorcery through you.  Stand in your EQUANIMITY and don’t be too attached to any outcomes.

It’s not your job to wake people up at all costs so be responsible with the information you have.

People are already feeling fearful so please make sure you also present solutions to exiting the matrix (deliberate co-creation, transcendence of the soul, being in the world not of it, etc.), not just doom and gloom.

Some are going to be clinging desperately to their beliefs because there’s a tipping point coming. The masses are being challenged in their programming from all sides.

My advice at this time is to let nature run its course and allow people to grow and wake up at their own pace. You can’t force it. Nor should we try to because Waking Up can be pretty traumatizing.

Therefore, be prepared for people to put up a fight. You might feel that UNDERCURRENT OF POLARIZATION manifest like that.

If you fear you might get seated next to someone at the dinner table who won’t listen, I enjoyed this video on cognitive dissonance. You might find it helpful in learning when it’s time to disengage or pivot.

December 2020 Energy Report


Keep it flowing

Finally, because Awakening energies on the planet are only gaining momentum, we need to be aware of channeling this energy constructively.

Awakening energies can be highly creative and beneficial when we apply form and will to them.

I urge you to find ways to channel this extra energy into creative tasks this month. If you don’t, that energy will build up in our bodies, causing a BOTTLENECK.

December 2020 Energy Report

December 2020 Energy Report


Creative energy is meant to flow and it can be very destructive when it bottlenecks.

It will explode and wreak havoc as it looks for a ‘way out’.

Take any case of a brilliant, famous musician with a hard drug habit. When they don’t make music for a while (because of their drug habit), the creative energy BOTTLENECKS until it releases like a stick of dynamite. Disaster ensues.

In a volatile month like this, you may end up saying or doing something that you cannot easily retract. 

We are aiming for EQUANIMITY, so find ways to channel that creative energy this month, especially around the solstice on December 21st when the rebirth energies will be at their peak. 

Let me know in the comments, what are you expecting from the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction on December 21st? What are your predictions?

You can ride high on your stallion and still stay humble this month, Awakeners. You have what it takes to be the magic this holiday season. 

x with Love on your Journey  December 2020 Energy Report


December 2020 Energy Report





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