An open letter to the Indigos 

Beloved Indigos, why do you think so many of us are all here, awakening, at these auspicious times? To complain about the normies who won’t wake up, smoke legalized chemo weed and bingewatch Youtube videos while the world as we know it burns all around us?

Why is it that when we are told we can’t leave our homes for fear of spreading a flu that we suddenly cower like infants, sucking on our thumbs, unsure of how to organize ourselves, waiting for our nanny governments to bring us the medicine so we can go outside again?

We are the system busters, dear Indigos. We’re not falling asleep at the wheel, are we?

Dear Indigos, did we not come here at this time to Ascend? To create the ideal conditions for which our planet should experience more abundance, health, well-being and peace? Do you think that Ascension only happens in the mind and there is no role to play in the physical acting out of the changes necessary for us to bring about Ascension in our daily lives?

Dear Indigos, why are we waiting for others to get their hands dirty when every day more and more nefarious laws are being passed that ultimately will bring our sovereign nations to their knees in the name of a totalitarian One World Order whose agenda is to strip you of all your titles, land, monies and independence?

Indigos of the world, why are we, supposedly spiritual beings, so deathly afraid of challenging the status quo, our politicians and police by staying in our homes quivering in front of Youtube? We talk about imagining a future where peace and love abound, but yet we can’t get off Facebook to pressure our politicians through organized meetings, protests and rallies when clearly nothing in our reality resembles peace and love?

Indigos, why is it that we are so afraid to put on our battle gear, speak our truth and make it known to the sleeping masses that NOW is our moment, now is the time to ACT. Spiritual leaders, do you talk vainly of living in the NOW and being present? Why do we pour so much of our energy into hope for a better future?

Indigos, who are we if not light soldiers and system busters, here to change the world through our fearless devotion to freedom and integrity? Why are we accepting plans for corruption and tyranny from our leaders? And why aren’t we holding our fellow citizens accountable for their passivity?

We cannot expect the sleeping masses to gather in the streets if WE do not first show them why it’s necessary by doing so ourselves! We cannot preach to others about destruction, injustice and slavery if we do not also show, through organized protest, that WE will not stand for these things. How else are they to know what is right if we don’t model by example?

We have been shamed in our social platforms for not going along with the plans that our nanny government overlords have chosen for us. We are shamed in the name of “safety” by our fellow citizens for speaking out against injustice, for questioning the mainstream narrative, and yet we do not hold our brothers and sisters accountable for leading us like sheep to slaughter with their cowardly, implicit consent to be ruled and pacified by those who would wish to silence and pillage us. How can we allow the programmed ones to choose our fate for us?

The time for action is NOW. Not ten years from now when there will be no rights left to defend. When there will be no global health but greed, destruction, surveillance, oppressive control and tyranny. Our moment, Indigos, is now to stand up on our feet, outside of our homes, with signs and megaphones that we will not bow down and cower to our overlord’s nefarious designs for our own enslavement!

Dear Indigos, we are the ones we have been waiting for to save us. There will be no spaceships, no messiahs, no gods and goddesses who will arrive to put things right for us. The freedoms of a people come from being exercised and demanded. Not as a gift from our lawmakers and politicians. 

We cannot afford to be naive anymore. Before our very eyes the false promises of socialism are being dangled like a carrot. Free money from the state to do nothing but stay at home? At what cost? At the cost of our individual rights to commerce, to deciding for ourselves who we depend on for our very survival?

It is with great peril that we sacrifice our right to earn a living. Like a controlling parent who grants us a loan, what strings are attached to those free monies?  How will you be expected to repay them? With your allegiance to the draconian laws and orders that are being enacted as we speak? Is this the kind of co-dependent economy we want? Is this the legacy we will leave for future generations?  Because as soon as you disagree with anything the lawmakers say, the money tap will be turned off. And what will you have then to feed your families and heat your homes?

Dear Indigos, these are our times. This is our moment. These are the times that have been prophesied. Look around you- there is no golden age of peace and prosperity around the corner unless we first acknowledge this coup all around us and demand for it to stop.

Dear Indigos, let us not be like the hippie generation of past who failed to hold their leaders accountable because they were all high on free love and CIA manufactured LSD. Do you not see that this is the very timeline we signed up for? How many more chances will we have before it’s too late?

Dear Indigos, if we are so ‘woke’, then why can’t we see that WE are the ones who came back from the future in order to put a stop to this very scenario, for the future of Earth?  We are the ones tasked with ending the take over of our planet by nefarious forces with a destructive agenda. 

Where is this golden age of peace and enlightenment that the New Age promises us? Do you expect Ascension to just land upon the earth like a ray of golden sunshine? That we will just wake up to a new world one day? We may want to believe that, but only children believe in fairy tales. When are we going to grow up?

Beloved Indigos, we are being shown everywhere around us that this is the job WE came here to do. We can’t afford to wait for someone else to do this job for us. Rig for Red! Who else is better equipped to stand together in solidarity for our freedoms and prosperity than us? We say we are enlightened, immortal divine beings? It’s time to act like it.

Dear Indigos, we are the immortal gods who came here to lead this revolution, not merely to imagine it.

Dear Indigos, rise up!