Recently I’ve been experiencing an influx of new clients who are going through gradual Spiritual Awakenings. This is much different than my experience of Awakening so I wanted to make sure that I cover this. Not everyone is going to have the same kind of experience so I think it’s important to recognize the different faces of Awakening.

What is Awakening?

Awakening is a process of your soul making itself known to you. Usually, Awakening is the soul’s desire for you to integrate it into your waking life.

The goal of Spiritual Awakening and why it’s initiated by your soul, is for you to live as a co-creator of your life. Being “Awake” is to consciously create your life. It is to live with purpose and design, not just reacting to things anymore. It’s waking up from our programming or psychological or sociological conditioning. 

So, Awakening is the same whether it happens suddenly or slowly.  Today’s focus is on gradual awakening. 

What can a gradual Awakening look like? 

Your soul creating experiences (usually in the form of challenges) that cause you to really sit up and notice. Often you experience a crisis that throws you into a bit of chaos.

Here are some examples: 

  • You marriage appears to be dissolving.
  • You may lose your job or business or not want to continue in your career.
  • You may experience a very troubling event that causes you to have a crisis of faith or life philosophy and re-examine your entire value system.  
  • You experience an unexpected health crisis

During Spiritual Awakening, there is always a degree of emotional turmoil because your life gets turned on its head in some life area. 

Spiritual Initiations

In each of these instances the soul has created an opportunity for tremendous soul growth. I liken these experiences to Spiritual Initiations. They are periods where you are morally tested. Usually you’re tested for inner strength or moral behaviour- you’ll be asked if you want to continue to live as you did before or if you can change. That’s the crux of these kinds of Spiritual Initiations.


Choosing to Tackle Spiritual Awakening

There are two only ways to go about these crises. Either you choose to tackle them or you choose to ignore them. The outcome will be very different depending on your choice.  

For those who are more proactive and choose to tackle your Spiritual Initations head on, you’ll start to see a pattern. You’ll start to recognize signs that what you’re going through seems fated or even karmic. You’ll know you have a choice in how you behave.

You’ll notice that the situations that arise test your moral courage and resilience by asking of you

  • Can you be brave enough to go for what you really want and not from what others expect from you?
  • Can you find some inner strength to overcome victim mentality and rise up to this challenge?
  • Will you shore up the courage to leave your comfort zone to act differently?
  • Can you re-exmaine some old beliefs that are holding you back?  
  • Can you admit that there are some parts of you that should metaphorically ‘die’ to improve your lot?

This is how spiritual Awakening presents itself in a gradual scenario. You’ll have one event or perhaps a series of smaller events all at the same time that demand your attention. 

Choosing to Ignore Spiritual Awakening

However if you choose to ignore your ‘tests’ and attempt to keep doing what you were doing before, you’ll find that things often just get worse. 

It’s like the soul is trying to get your attention. If you don’t get the first signs because you’re stubborn, eventually your soul WILL resort to ‘beating you over the head with a 2×4’ until you get the message. Trust me here, I am talking from experience. 

This means the signs and opportunities for growth can get very dramatic. Things that make it seem like you’re having a streak of  ‘bad luck’: overdoses, accidents, illnesses, job loss, eviction, brushes with the law or unfair judgments by the courts, financial penalties, etc. In other words, increasingly negative experiences. 

I’m not trying to scare you but help you understand why this happens. The more stubborn you are in heeding the signs when they start to come, the more your soul will try to get you to take notice that it exists and wants you to change. It does this by creating more dramatic situations that make you want to shake your fist at the sky. 

Why is This Happening to Me?

In all situations, though, the main question you’ll find yourself asking during these testing times is “Why is this happening to me?”

And that’s EXACTLY the right place to start. Congratulations! This is THE classic symptom of Spiritual Awakening. 

The answer to WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? is  actually another question. WHAT AM I MEANT TO LEARN FROM THIS?

During spiritual awakening, this seems to be a very organic process. Awakening results in hyper awareness or hyper vigilance. People start to examine their outer environment as a reflection of either their inner world or begin to entertain the idea that there’s a kind of Divine Design behind everything. In this stage it becomes very natural to ask Why Me and What Do I have to Learn from this?

If you get stuck in victim mentality, though (the why me?) and can’t shake your pity party, that you’re being punished and the world is a cruel place full of suffering, you likely won’t “pass” this particular initiation round.  

(Don’t worry, it will come back around;) 

Victim Mentality as a Bridge

Victimization is supposed to be a short foot-bridge on the journey to enlightenment. It’s not a good place to stay and build a house. You’re going to have a miserable life thinking that the universe doesn’t support you and that you have no control over what’s happening to you. 

Those who cross the victim bridge determined to learn from their experiences embark on their Ascension process.

So, Spiritual Awakening offers the opportunity to walk the Ascension timeline. That’s when we begin to integrate our soul awareness into our daily life. We begin to live more on purpose. We begin to align with our authenticity via our core values. 


Ascension in a nutshell

There are phases to this, illustrated in this infographic.

First you go through what I call the ‘Tower Phase’ when all your beliefs and values are blown up. Then slowly you start to explore new ones. While you do that, you discover more about WHO you really are and who you want to become in this incarnation.

You begin your process of Conscious Embodiment through self-exploration. From there you ascend up the pyramid of self-understanding, transformation and mastery through self-love. 

That is Ascension in a nutshell. 

What are your questions on Spiritual Awakening and Ascension? I’m here to serve as your Spiritual Awakening Guide. Please leave your questions and comments below! 


x with Love on your Journey

Debra Casagrande, Intuitive Guide, Channel & Healer


Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning