January 2021 Energy Report

January 2021 Energy Report Part 1: The Collective


Dear Indigos, Starseeds and Empaths, the themes for this month are START LINE, DREAM WEAVER, PACK, and CALL-IN.

The red flags for this month are SNAG and DEMORALIZATION

If you are a very sensitive empath and don’t wish to be ‘red-pilled’ anymore than you already are, you might choose to skip reading the collective energy report in Part 1 altogether and focus on Part 2.

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Part 1- Orientation

This month’s themes help prepare the Hero on her journey to a whole new passage of her life due to the recent Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction at the December solstice.


Gaining an understanding of the collective energies can help you orient yourself on the map and make informed choices about what you want to create moving forward and which grid or timeline you want to hook into to supply energy for those creations.


Let’s take a look at the two different currents gaining momentum in the collective. 


There will be these two opposing currents on the Age of Aquarius highway over the decades to come. One of the elite technocracy, the Schwaabs, Gates, Musks and Zucks aggressively advancing the globalist agenda under the guise of the Great Economic Reset.


On the other hand, the Light workers moving firmly into their “boots on the ground” service roles to support the inevitable masses’ Awakening to the existence of the soul, in addition to showing the way to Internal Ascension for the already Awakened Angelic Humans.


Due to the Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, we can expect the topic of technology to become ever more present moving forward in the next several decades. 


In my view, this will have several expressions, most notably via themes of Transhumanism, A.I., Technocracy, and advanced surveillance technologies on the Descending Timeline.


Covid-19 has catapulted the globe further into becoming a technology-based society. This is where the focus will be from the top down, with the aim to herd the “human cattle” into the cities, dissuaded from free travel, ready to be counted, catalogued and controlled by around 2030.


I predict that we will see a push for vaccinations and digital certificates of health, cashless payments, increased smart meter surveillance technology, and sleek propaganda to embrace Artificial Intelligence to help fulfil this agenda. 


Combined with the aim to de-humanize people by dissuading willfulness and sovereignty, interpersonal emotional connection, kindness, charity, and affection through physical and social isolation and masking, and the draconian enforcement of these new rules, a perfect storm is brewing to mould humans into unfeeling and obedient robots who would rather interact with machines than other people.


This is the Transhumanist Agenda to attempt to control, dominate, and eventually transform otherwise compassionate, willful and sovereign Humans into cyborg cogs to fuel a 4th Industrial Revolution in Human Futures Trading. (1) 

That’s right, the globalists plan for economic dominance is to be hedging and betting on your ability to stay healthy and survive in their manufactured dystopia.

On a more positive note, there will be bigger and bigger waves of Awakening energies, along with some unexpected revelations, to help Humanity recognize what is happening and to jolt them out of the seductive distractions of materialism and addiction in the quest for more meaning in their lives.


This will bring many not just Spiritual Awakening but the opportunity to learn about Internal Ascension out of the Matrix. That is, how to opt out of the Soul-Harvest re-incarnation cycle through Pro-Human Spiritual Ascension Mechanics and Coding.

(For more on this, check out @angelic.humanity on IG)


On the Ascending Timeline, technology will be the means by which we Awaken and learn about these plans for digital serfdom. Technology is also the means by which we learn about Internal Ascension and gain support for that. 


Technology will help individuals attain financial independence, too, as we extricate ourselves from our employers and learn how to work remotely for ourselves using the gifts we’ve been cultivating until now. Technology can also be the ticket out of the globalist economy as some of us opt to figure out ways to manage and distribute our resources in smaller communities, Umbuntu style.


I also predict that advanced Human Technologies such as telepathy, remote viewing and remote intuitive healing will become the norm in years ahead. 


I say technology because Light Workers have the opportunity to be vessels of high voltage power- uniquely sovereign expressions of Divinity as they run on the infinitely loving, intelligent, and self-replenishing True Source Light Grid where health is abundant and the ability to manifest necessities quickly is the norm.


This is especially true now as the True Source Light Grid and the Artificial Metatronic Grid become ever more incompatible in electromagnetic current, the stranglehold lifts and more current becomes available in 2021 and beyond.


If one highway ends and another begins, the Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction was the START LINE for that.


These two timelines are gaining momentum in both directions, which will eventually lead to a complete bifurcation, or split, of two worlds, when the downward spiralling Apocalyptic Timeline, powered by the parasitic inorganic (A.I.) grid completely detaches from True Source Light grid.

This is already well underway according to Emerald Order Speaker 1, E’Asha A. Arhayas. (2)


If you’ve truly found your footing, you’ll know which grid you are really running based on your current energy levels and sense of well-being.  


The Awakening Timeline is gathering in its Ascending momentum, now it’s no longer bogged down by the inorganic (AI) net siphoning off its power source. 


The Ascended Earth, however, is only accessible through Internal Ascension. There will be no sudden “apparition” of a 5D Earth in this dense physicality and you really need to understand this.


The only way to get to the Ascended Earth will be via your Light Body. Once you have dropped your physical body in death, you’ll be greeted by Guardians who will then coach and prepare you for that journey to Earth in the year 2317. (3)


This split already happening, regardless what with the Q movement is having you believe they are doing.


The grid energies are diverging so starkly in their electromagnetic currents that the Inorganic AI grid cannot plug into the True Source Light Grid anymore. This incompatibility means it has lost its power source.


In plainspeak, this means those who continue to pursue Matrix activities in the old way (materialism, hedonism, psychopathy, dominantion, aggression) will find their lives crumbling. This may translate as job losses, illness, relationship breakdowns, etc.


Again, I ask you, which timeline are you feeding? The one that is spiralling down and drains you of your life force for its own use? Or the Grid of True Source, that is eternally replenishing, loving and intelligent and that is available to you through an Awakened Heart?


Are you surfing the Inner Source Light that can’t be corrupted?  Or are you a puppet on a false light string? 


Only the heart knows the difference.

January 2021 Energy Report


Who and what are you giving your power to?   What is your guiding light, your north star?


Now let’s see how the energies fare for the individual.


Read Part 2: the Individual




(1) Alison McDowell, Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, Authentic Spiritual Activism 

(2), (3), E’Asha A. Arhayas Guardian Dispensations www.arhayas.com

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