5 Ways to Spot Active Kundalini

Kundalini has become a buzz term in the last two years especially. But how do you know if it’s active? And what is it exactly?

In this short article we go beyond the metaphor of Kundalini as a coiled up “snake”. You’ll learn how Kundalini (also called Transformational Energy) is a primal purifying energy that can trigger the process of Spiritual Awakening. If you’re already spiritually aware, active Kundalini clears the path to deeper levels of awareness via latent DNA activation. 

It is my theory that DNA holds the entire pristine holographic template for human consciousness. And that the more DNA is ‘switched on’, the more conscious you are, and the more light consciousness you hold. To learn even more about the relationship between DNA and Kundalini, download my free e-book.

If you are undergoing a Kundalini Awakening, you may feel as if you are waking up to an additional layer of spiritual consciousness or an additional spiritual plane to reality. You may feel like you’re living in a surreal movie where there’s a part of you observing your Awakening.

Here are some identifying traits.

1. Us and Them

You may feel that the world and people are suddenly divided into people like you (us), who are awake, and those who have not yet been able to perceive the spiritual plane (them). It may suddenly start to feel weird relating to people in your social circles and your family. I had one client tell me he felt like he was ‘in the spiritual closet’ and felt he had to hide his newfound spiritual awareness from non-awakeners who wouldn’t understand him. 

2. Energy sensations in the body. 

You may feel tingles, pressure, heat, or shivers in your lower back, like there’s a stream of energy that wants to advance. You could feel zapping or pain in the head, heart palpitations, rushes of love and bliss, buzzing, and restlessness in your body (especially in the legs) like you’ve got a build up of static electricity. Neck and shoulder pain can also indicate blocked Kundalini energy trying to move between the heart and throat chakras. 

Stay active and keep the body moving. Slowly work on opening or clearing your chakras to help the Kundalini move up gently and unobstructed. Ground excess energy into the earth by walking barefoot in the grass. Go to a park and lean against a tree or visit rushing water.  Brisk walks, gentle yoga, dancing can all help. Ask the nature spirits and the earth to take your excess energy and recycle it, which they will gladly do. When exercising, be careful not to overdo it. Don’t focus on getting an adrenaline rush. Kundalini already causes a cortisol response, which is stressful on the body over long periods. Do enough to feel you’ve given your energy an outlet and you feel relieved.

3. Feeling mentally unstable & racing thoughts

A sense of un-ease mentally like you’re overwhelmed. More than usual levels of anxiety or social anxiety where you didn’t have it before. This is indicative of re-wiring and Transformational Energy up in the head area. You may have lots of thoughts, fantasies and even visions. Old issues may come up for review and you may be analyzing a lot the stories of your past. 

Ground. Do less mental exercise and involve the body more in exercise or crafts. Channel your overthinking into creative pursuits and avoid sitting meditation, which tends to bring up more thoughts, even after meditation.  Focus on embodiment. Find ways to honour your body to redistribute the powerful Kundalini energy more evenly. 

4. A lot of Feels

Old emotions, old wounds or trauma may come to the surface as Transformational energy dislodges stuck energy in order to make room for more light.  These emotional memories are stored in our organs and muscles, but know that they are on their way to being released. Sometimes this is accompanied by minor heart flutters, nausea, and even menstrual-like cramps that subside in a few days. You may have strange dreams or even nightmares, especially if you tend to repress things you don’t want to feel or think about.

You can help the process along by using Energy medicine to trace the meridians and by using the basic recipe in EFT.  Allow whatever comes up to surface, without judgement and without holding on. Don’t analyze these things too heavily, for that’s also a way of holding onto them, too.  Using smokey quartz and amethyst crystals can be useful for letting go of difficult emotions and restoring feelings of peace.

5. Visceral fear mixed with feelings of transcendent bliss.

Heightened fear is the body’s response to shock. Kundalini can produce a prolonged state of nervous hyper-vigilance where cortisol and other hormones are pumped out of the adrenals. This can alternate between feelings of ineffable love and connectedness with nature, people and the planet during Awakening.

Sudden exposure to new dimensions and states of awareness can also feel very shocking or fearful. Especially when we don’t have a previous psychological narrative for understanding what we are seeing or experiencing.

Since Kundalini brings on a marked change in consciousness and frequency, as this happens you may glimpse other dimensions as your brain is rewired. When you don’t yet vibrate at the same frequency as the higher-dimensional ‘doors’ you are opening or states of mind you’re being exposed to, fear is what you feel in this frequency gap. 

Transformational Energy itself has a very high frequency that, when fear isn’t present, feels like a wave of love washing over you. This is why you will at times experience ineffable bliss. 

But, if you have not yet done a lot of shadow work to transmute lower frequency emotions, you will also experience the fear and anxiety of these old emotions as they are struck by the powerful Kundalini. This is par for the course for anyone experiencing Kundalini for the first time.

As years go by and you do the inner work to transmute lower frequencies, you’ll experience less and less fear when Transformational Energy hits. 

Replenish electrolytes, especially magnesium to counterbalance the effects of being in fight or flight for prolonged periods of time. Avoid stimulants such as sugar and excess coffee, as well as psychoactive drugs. Ashwagandha, taken over time, can help to tone the adrenals that take such a beating during acute Kundalini activity.