Is the New Age a Trap?

We’re in the midst of a Great Awakening on the planet, therefore a lot of people are going to be attracted to the New Age. If you’ve had an Awakening, you’ll know what I mean. The New Age is very attractive to Awakeners because it helps provide a container, through esoteric knowledge, that helps us feel in control of the vast psychological, emotional and spiritual changes we are undergoing. Topics related to spirituality and the occult naturally become fascinating to us when our souls begin to ‘come online’ during Awakening as we aim to integrate this new soul awareness.

Yet there’s a difference between the New Age and Spirituality although the two terms have become conflated in recent years. It is helpful to remember that they are not the same thing, and in fact many New Age concepts have been lifted from other religions such as Buddhism, Sufism, and Hinduism.

When I Awakened I was attracted to Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, and I’m glad I was. It gave me a solid spiritual foundation based in years of tradition. Buddhism spoke to my desire to learn more about the soul, for it encourages enlightenment through gnosis, or knowledge of the One through Mastery of the Self. This is primarily learned through meditation, mindfulness and contemplation.

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice and it has been incorporated into the New Age with good reason. Meditation has many health and psychological benefits, like helping you to change your internal scripts and programming and detach from the desires of the lower self and the illusions of the external world so you can live with less suffering. But meditation is not a New Age concept and it shouldn’t be mistaken as such.

This article is about the traps of the New Age, which is not synonymous with Spirituality. I fully encourage you to explore Spirituality; it’s the New Age I take issue with.

Trap #1. The New Age asks you to put your trust in beings outside of yourself.

Now this one’s tricky because it happens so subtlety that you hardly notice it.

For example, when I first Awakened, I started learning about crystals for spiritual protection. This was purely out of practical necessity as I found that after my Awakening and my psychic sight came online, I was plagued with negative psychic interference.

Crystals helped me with that, and I grew to have faith in these ‘new age’ tools and the esoteric shops that showcased them.

From here it was only a short jump to guided visualizations to clear my chakras, to using the the violet flame, to learning more about the “Ascended Masters” and angels, and then onto the topic of Ascension.

Perhaps you can relate. I was very thirsty for occult knowledge and fascinated with New Age concepts back then so I made the jump from spirituality to New Age seamlessly. But here is where I started to pour my energy into things that now I see were not helpful for me.

Some of you may not agree with my findings and that’s ok. Remember, these are my opinions based on my observations 20 years into my spiritual practice and your experience might be different.

When you start to get interested in Ascended Masters, angels, Spirit Guides and Galactic beings, it starts so innocently. When you first awaken, you feel so lost and broken, that you have so much to learn, you are relieved and overjoyed to hear that there are Spirit Guides and Ascended beings who want to help you.

So perpetuates the false belief that you are not as enlightened as them, not as powerful, not as pure, not as knowing… and you never will be. It plays right into a psychological script about the inadequacy of your human self and your separation from God Source Eternal.

But once you progress further down your Ascension path or spiritual evolvement, you realize that what you are doing is remembering who you are beyond this particular collective Matrix. Who you are is a unique expression of God-Source consciousness.

You are NOT anything less than perfect under your psychological programming. Spiritual evolution is a journey ‘back home’ to the purest expression of God-Source and Spiritual Awakening is about recognizing false and disempowering programs.

When you first wake up, you might feel so broken and bewildered that you easily give your power over to Guides, Galactics and Masters, thinking they know better than you.

It is an interesting thing that as humans we so easily trust beings that we can’t even see! We put so much faith into them, that they MUST be angels, they MUST be pure goodness, who have nothing but the purest intentions. It would be too painful to believe otherwise, right?

In my opinion, this is the biggest trap of the New Age movement. Once you start giving power to invisible beings that have yet to earn your trust, you open yourself up to the siphoning of energy.

Trust me, I know this is difficult to hear. Why would Angelic Guides and Higher Dimensional beings want to mislead you?

This can be a long journey of discovery, but the truth of it is because not all Guides are angelic or even benevolent. When you connect to Guides or invisible beings, you can’t be sure in which dimension they truly exist. 

There’s also the trouble that, according to E’Asha Ashayana in Voyagers 2, we are living in a ‘fallen system’, where all but the very highest dimensions in our time matrix have been compromised with inorganic (AI) technology. These artifical structures are much easier to connect to telepathically than highly evolved beings who are in the higher dimensions, especially if our frequencies don’t yet match. 

When you engage in telepathic activity, you are making connections to entities, for the most part, in the Astral Realms (4D). In this dualistic environment, not everything is as it seems. Not everyone is following the Law of One and you have to be really connected to your Higher Self and your inner compass to be able to tell the difference.

I know this might be hard for some of you to swallow, but it’s important to ask the question. 

If you want to put your energy towards something for guidance and benevolent help and not risk being betrayed or having your energy siphoned by negative beings, you’ll have to cultivate your psychic discernment and raise your frequency FIRST.  Turn your attention to learning to communicate with your Higher Self and God-Source, the creative, self-replenishing Eternal First Field Intelligence before you set yourself up to be taken advantage of.

Continually reinforcing the belief that your consciousness is a unique expression of God-source, operating your own physical body, is much more empowering, useful and factual than thinking you are a lowly human who needs to consult with invisible beings to make good choices. If you think about it, doesn’t that sound like the religions of old, where people are plagued by ‘original sin’ and you could only speak to God through a priest?

By birthright, by our genetics, all humans ARE made up of Source energy. Not knowing this is the main struggle humans in the 3rd dimension face, as this is the matrix where humans are cut off from their souls until Awakening. This is why when you have your Spiritual Awakening and you begin to integrate the awareness of your soul, you actually begin to ascend to the next universe in consciousness. Dimensions 4, 5 and 6 are the level of the Soul matrix, where you learn that separation from God is the illusion that perpetuates human suffering.

Once you know your God-self, your Creator consciousness, you won’t need to ‘worship’ any false idols’ of Ascended Masters and Galactic beings or Archangels through deference.

Now, you might say, but, Debra, I have a spirit guide, or I channel the Pleiadeans or the Galactic Federation and they’re nothing but helpful.

First of all, I’m not denying that your source could be helpful, but listen to what I’m going to say next.  Who you are connecting with could be a higher aspect of yourself. Meaning, they are not OUTSIDE of you. Crazy, right?

But what I have discovered over the years is that my closest Guides, the ones who never let me down, are actually ME that still exist in parallel realities. You might call them past life incarnate selves (or future incarnate selves). 

The faster you integrate that knowledge, the less susceptible you are to that channel being hijacked by a non-benevolent force. As soon as you believe that power is outside you, and that you have to ask anything outside you for advice, you open portals in your energy field that make you susceptible to influence and siphoning from entities with a different agenda.

How do I know this?

Have you ever been let down by a spirit guide? I have been outright manipulated and lied to.

Have you been let down by an ‘Ascended Master’? I have. I have been scolded by purported Ascended Masters, and dismissed, told they wouldn’t work with me until I had fulfilled some kind of condition, only to be left feeling very disappointed in myself and ashamed.

Have you ever been left feeling afraid with an Archangel? I have. I have called upon AA Michael numerous times when I was being psychically attacked and no help came.

Have you ever really trusted a channeled message and then found out none of it came true, but when you called them out on it, you were told that galactic beings aren’t good with time or that  timelines change so much that no things are ever certain? What a bunch of baloney. That’s not how probability timelines work. Any time I’ve called them out on this, all I have gotten was the sound of crickets…

Have you been lied to by Higher Dimensional Beings? I have. I have been promised new jobs, told to spend large amounts of money on an endeavour, or to collaborate with a person against my better judgment.  Afterwards the job wouldn’t come to pass, the endeavour would flop or the person would harm me in some way. Again, I’d be left feeling betrayed and manipulated and when I addressed the beings who consulted me, crickets from these same ‘Higher Dimensional guides’.

You see, I started to see a pattern. That the more I looked outside myself to beings to guide me, the further away from my own body knowledge and intuition I would get, and the more my illusion of separation with God Source grew. My HS’s voice started to be harder to hear among the louder voices coming from above my head (as opposed to within my heart).

I never felt more disempowered than when waiting to hear back from a spirit guide who had sent me on a wild goose chase and I wanted answers. But when I rely on myself, trusting my own intuition and inner wisdom, then I tend to make better decisions and I feel good afterwards.

After 20 years of learning to fine tune my psychic ability, I know I can TRUST myself, which makes me feel empowered.  but I learned that I don’t need any mediators to talk to God.

Remember the old religions where you could only talk to God via a priest? In my view, the New Age idea of communicating through Spirit Guides, angels and mighty galactic beings is the same.

I’m not denying that there ARE beings who follow the Law of One and can be helpful, but to be able to have a high enough frequency to actually tap into them is another thing altogether. This is especially tricky when you’re first Awakening because you are in the learning curve of the lower 4D Astral Shadow.

Meanwhile, develop your own direct line to Source. Invest in your own expansion of consciousness through opening the heart. This will help you raise your frequency to get to the level where you truly can communicate with higher aspects of yourself, such as future galactic beings, and the true Ascended Masters such as Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and White Buffalo Woman, whose souls expand far beyond the dimensions of our fallen system.

By encouraging you to look outside yourself for counsel from Spirit Guides, Angels and Galactic Beings, it is my view that the many teachings in the New Age resemble the programming of older religions that do not encourage true spiritual Sovereignty but perpetuate a false belief system that we are not capable of directly knowing God Source.

When you are first Awakening, I suggest resisting the urge to dabble in tarot cards, seances or channeling for guidance and sticking to tried and true methods of knowing the Divine Self within you through contemplation and meditation.

What do you think? In your experience does the New Age encourage direct communion with the divine or through intermediaries? Drop me a comment below.

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