Spiritual Awakening describes a process of expansion of consciousness and awakening to one’s transcendent, spiritual nature.

It is a transformative experience that opens doors to the spiritual planes, which were once imperceptible, and leaves us with a new vantage point.

Awakening can come on slowly or happen spontaneously, but the change in consciousness is permanent, even if the Awakener decides not to pursue a path of spiritual growth.

Awakenings can be brought on by vehicles such as, but not limited to:

  • intense suffering & trauma

  • psychoactive drugs

  • spiritual practice

  • meeting an awakened teacher

  • shamanic initiations

  • Near Death Experiences (i.e. surviving a mass shooting or leaving the body during an accident or surgery).

Even mundane events like childbirth can spontaneously trigger an Awakening experience.

Yet Awakening cannot be taught or experienced purely on the mental plane.

It is transformative because it is energetic in nature. It is experienced at the level of being.

Awakenings are so transformative that most who experience it describe it as one of the most important events in their lives. That is because of the profound change that follows.

You experience a paradigm shift that alters your belief systems and your energy body. Some who have had spontaneous awakenings have said they felt as if their brain was being rewired to accommodate this expansion in consciousness.

This can then affect relationships, your physical health, goals, and how you relate to the world.

Spiritual Awakening can be described as coming to the realization that you are ONE with all of life. You feel connected to something greater than yourself.

You might feel as if your consciousness is as vast as the magnificent void that holds the potential for all creation. Or you may feel an ineffable love and grace that causes tears to stream down your cheeks.

You come to understand, energetically and viscerally, that there is a force that connects all people, nature and animals.

You may taste the transcendence of the natural world on Earth and perceive nature and animal spirits.

You might suddenly awaken to the Earth’s microcosm, of how everything in the world is part of a web of consciousness whereby we all serve and support each others’ experiences on the planet.

You might have bouts of surrealism. That you are not your body, but that you inhabit it, like an avatar wearing a human suit. For me, I learned that I was a Spirit in a human body, having a human experience on earth for a specific purpose. This is when I first became “activated” as an Indigo Starseed.

Awakenings can be short lived. From a few hours, days or months at most. After that, they recur as moments.

My Awakening was acute for 9 weeks. Then it began to gently fade, but I was permanently changed and determined to continue a spiritual path. My consciousness had expanded to include the spiritual realm whereas before I had been an atheist. I suddenly KNEW that I was a spirit that could not die although my human form was impermanent.

This realization has not reversed, but I now experience moments of Oneness and Connectedness at different levels of intensity. Some days I feel the ineffable bliss of awakening like a wave that washes over me, sometimes lasting for several hours.

Other days I watch as separation creeps in, and my Spirit and Ego mind are as distinct as oil and water. That the Ego mind is an Operating System we use ‘down here’ on Earth to function, but that it’s only a part of my consciousness. It is not who I am but a system that runs programs in our holographic reality.

Everyone’s Awakenings are as unique as the lines in your palm. Can you remember your Awakening? Can you put it into words? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

With Love on your journey

x Debra

Spiritual Awakening is Only the Beginning